Zhang Yimou – Biography and Filmography

Zhang Yimou - Biography and Filmography

Zhang Yimou – biography and filmography

  Has been awarded since his directorial debut Red Sorghum in 1988 on the Golden Bear at the Berlinale, has Zhang Yimou in the international film scene has established itself as one of the most talented and influential directors.

Born in 1950, studied Chinese light setting and camera technology at the Film Academy in Beijing, which had its doors open again just after the Cultural Revolution. There he became a leading figure among the members of the “Fifth Generation” – the first group of filmmakers, ended after the turbulence of the Cultural Revolution, her education. Also can you put an actor Zhang Yimou has proven to be played in his debut with Red Sorghum, as in Wu Tian-Ming’s play, The Old Fountain (Old Well, 1986), for which he received at the Tokyo International Film Festival Best Actor Award. In addition, the multi-talent also underlined his quality as a camera, photographing not only the old man well, but with Yellow Land (Yellow Earth, 1984) and The Big Parade (The Big Parade, 1986), the first two films of his classmates Chen Kaige. ( #)
For the past 17 years working as a film director Zhang Yimou, and has received covering a variety of honors and awards. He is the first Chinese filmmaker to whom the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences bestowed recognition. Three times his films was a Best Foreign Language Film of the Year nominated for an Oscar ®, his first rural relationship drama Ju Dou, followed by Raise the Red Lantern, and finally Hero. In addition, Zhang Yimou was heaped on the major international film festival awards. He was awarded the Venice Film Festival awarded a Silver Lion for The Red Lantern and the following year a Golden Lion for The Story of Qui Ju, won the 1994 Cannes Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Life and a further 1999 in Venice Golden Lion No one under for his drama. Finally, there was in 1999 a further Berlinale prize, a Silver Bear for home and four years later, again for Hero at the Berlinale, the Alfred Bauer Prize.

Hero was not only nominated for an Oscar, but at 22, Hong Kong Film Awards showered with awards. The martial-arts drama at the end triumphed seven times – in the categories of action choreography, art direction, cinematography, costumes, music, sound and visual effects.

Also Yimou’s film House of Flying Daggers (2004) has been showered with international awards, including nominations for the BAFTA and Golden Globe.

More recently, Zhang Yimou tries artistically in other directions. So he took first time in 2006 directed a major opera production. Yimou’s production of Tan Dun’s opera
The First Emperor and Placido Domingo in the title role on stage celebrating the New York Metropolitan Opera, a glittering premiere. In addition, the multi-talented Chinese in 2008 with the opening and closing ceremonies will be the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing serve as chief director.
Filmography – Zhang Yimou (director)

Chacun son cinéma (segment: En regardant le film)

2006 ( #) Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia (Curse of the Golden Flower)

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles

Shi mian mai fu (House of the Flying Daggers)


Happy Times

Not One Less (No less)
The Road Home ( home)

Keep Cool

Shanghai Triad
Lumiere And Company


The Story of Quiu Ju (The Story of Qiu Ju)

Raise The Red Lantern (Red Lantern)

Ju Dou (Ju Dou)

The Puma Action (codename Puma)

Red Sorghum (Red Sorghum)


Zhang Yimou – biography and filmography

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