Zatoichi – The Blind Samurai

Zatoichi - The Blind Samurai

Zatoichi – The Blind Samurai

  In Japan the 19th Century is the blind Zatoichi (Takeshi Kitano), govern in a lonely walk through a country where gangs and subjugate the ordinary people by brute force. Earned his living the yellow-haired man with the red cane with massages and gambling. When you see him, one would never have thought that he of all is the most dangerous and fastest swordsman of Japan, for his cane sword is hidden, with which it kills quickly and with incredible details of his opponents. This experience must also make a couple of robbers, the suspect in the blind man easy prey.

Zatoichi his eternal journey continues through the forests and rice fields, who are appointed by honest farmers. Unwittingly, he’s on the two geishas, O-Sei (Yuko Daike) and O-Kinu (Daigoro Tachibana) who are on the way to a lonely mountain village, where they search for the murderer of her father, whose murder they want revenge. On the way they have killed the former family accountant Heihashi who betrayed the family once and plunged into disaster. Even Zatoichi is heading for the village and finds a refuge in the kindly old Aunt O-Ume (Michiyo Ogusu), which takes him at his home and reported to a massage by the misfortune that has befallen their village: The uncompromising Ginzo-course controls the streets and kill anyone who defies their orders.

The power of Ginzo course is even stronger than the ronin Hattori (Tadanobu Asano) and his wife O-Shino (Yui Natsukawa) in the village emerges. Hattori has lost his job and needs to worry about the health of his ailing wife. So he offers in the restaurant of an old bent man to put his services as a bodyguard in the service of Ginzo band – which makes them virtually unbeatable. At first Zatoichi keeps out of the conflict, but a first encounter with Hattori makes clear quickly that the blind samurai must fight.

When his brothers and sisters O-Sei and O-Kinu tell their story, helping them the process of identifying the murderer of her father, a mysterious man named Kuchinawa, said to have a striking serpent tattoo. A dangerous undertaking, because the band is powerful and has its eyes everywhere. Their leader Ogi takes such a suspicious snake tattoo. Believing he could the murderer of the father of his geisha, Zatoichi follows him to the beach. There appears Hattori meet him in front of a huge bonfire. Finally, will decide who is the better swordsman …

Zaitoichi – the blind samurai is Takeshi Kitano’s historic first substance and is based on a legend from the 19th Century ago, which was mainly between the sixties and eighties in Japan is very popular. Whether the Kitano’s remake is, however, succeeded on which opinions diverge quite far. The sometimes rather peculiar humor Kitano’s all too often lapses into slapstick incorrect, is not for everyone, just like some of them quite explicit scenes of violence, in which the blood spurts rather graphically. Although Kitano has to offer to end some surprising twists and turns, but still the story never really grabs the audience. The – admittedly furious filmed – tap dance scene at the end of the film fits in any tangible context, but is just another gimmick of the filmmaker, who will therefore leave a rather disparate picture. Because the various pieces of the puzzle do not quite reach each other. Dolls had the audience excited yet, the estimates in this work, the most distinguished minds.

Title: Zatoichi – The Blind Samurai Country of production: Japan Year of production: 2003 Length: 116 (Min) Rental: Concorde Film Distribution

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