Young @ Heart

Young @ Heart

Young @ Heart

  “Now he is too old to rock ‘n’ roll and too young to die”, once sang, the band Jethro Tull. The award has overtaken him. Today no one is too old for rock and roll. This proves Stephen Walker’s great, as well as touching humorous documentary about a choir of 73 – to 92-year-olds.

The contrast between what we could not hear, and what we perceive to be greater: hard rhythms , crashing guitars, like a scream from the throat of Janis Joplin. And then the singer: Eileen Hall is 92, she quietly stands at the microphone, barely moves. But the chanting comes over funny, the audience is cheering.

It is this contrast alone, which could carry the entire movie. But Young @ Heart is more than just the fun of working that give men and 26 women, some can barely walk or come with an oxygen tube in his nose on stage, wild punk-Kracher for the best. The documentary makes such a surface stimuli far behind. He does something unspectacular, which is all the more poignant. He takes the audience to these people and let him share their remarkable composure and her overwhelming joy.

The Young @ Heart Chorus from Northampton in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, which now attracts 1,000 people to concerts and has already toured through Europe, was originally a chorus as many others. It all began as choir director Bob Cilman accepted a job at the senior citizens clubs. At first they sang songs that were familiar with the seniors from their youth, so hits from the twenties. But at some point a senior citizen a song of the proposed Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Since the experimentation of the ancients and the ambition of the younger, but now including 53 years old conductor.

As the songs awakened to be developed, which are fun and the crisis behind it, the film shows us consider a simple, exciting construction. The rotation begins seven weeks before a big gig in the hometown of the choir. We see the unvarnished reality of rehearsals, interspersed by a few extra produced for the film music videos. At what conflicts and ordeals, it is here, just shows the first day. Conductor Bob has brought a few new songs. He knows that the old people will be appalled by the punk-called “Schizophrenia”. In fact, the faces of the ancients speak volumes, some holding their ears. Whether they will succeed in bringing this book to the stage, seems pretty questionable.

Is not surprising, because in fact many of them prefer to listen to classical music and operas. They are not convinced rock, pop or punk fans, no freaky Althippies who make a profession to young people. Eileen, the “Janis” from the beginning, believes that was her song of “The Crash” instead of “The Clash”. But the experienced choral singers and singers love the challenge that Cilman required of them. This is not Senior Wellness to occupational therapy, to the accompaniment of shrieks grottenfalsches talking shop. This is about the real thing, to really good music to cover versions with an independence that comes from deep in the heart of this generation. Every note must sit, or even lose Cilman times the nerves. The ancients did not take the bad, even though it is hard, so be scolded. Because they feel his holy ambition. And that it motivates them to do what has become her life, almost as important as their family.

The name of the choir is of course program. But these seniors are young at heart, not only because they sing “young” music. They are young, mainly because they have found something that is important to them that keeps them alive, they can completely forget their pain and diseases. Those who want to stay young above pensionable age, should miss this film under any circumstances. For the rock and roll send anyone to retire.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Young @ Heart Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2007 Length: 109 (Min) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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