You are not alone

You are not alone

You are not alone

  “You’re not alone if you’re dreaming today evening. You’re not alone if you dream of love.” “You’re not alone” is the famous ’60s hits of Roy Orbison. And he also serves as the title for the second feature film by Bernd Böhlich, who has made so far mainly as a television director, a name. You are not alone is an impressively authentic Sozialkomödie staged with attention to their performers and characters in his mix of sorrow and humor reminiscent of the everyday tragedies and tragi-comedies by Andreas Dresen.

You are not alone is a film about people whose life is on the brink, having the choice, or starting to slip again from scratch. These are the stories of several residents of a prefabricated building in East Berlin: In the center of the unemployed Hans Moll (Axel Prahl), who is in love with the neighbor who had moved from Russia Yevgenia (Katerina Medvedeva). His wife (Catherine Thalbach) has just started a new job at the guard and gets the enthusiasms of her husband, but with nothing. Moreover, the unemployed physicist Wellinek (Herbert Knaup), who lives separately from his wife Sylvia (Karoline Eichhorn) on the same floor as the Molls. Sylvia is an actress, but has lately synchronized reluctant croaking frogs in animated films.

Even if fate says it’s okay with them, there is at least the consolation of a fresh start in life. Hans, who fights for the attention of Yevgenia, you buy a washing machine and dryers concern from the 70s, which is more in her than in his apartment, and her birthday, “You are not alone,” sings, it must eventually realize that this being in love is one-sided and will not be reciprocated by Yevgenia. His wife will be doubly hit by the calamity: the discovery that they are guarding an empty air-inflated structure is indeed depressing, what happened between her husband and Yevgenia, but much more painful. While Hans heads off to make a new beginning, even makes his wife what she had always wanted to learn swimming.

Kurt and Sylvia a new deal is imminent. Remedial courses in math and physics, the Sylvia inserted without his knowledge, not only deprive needy students in his private apartment, but his confidence has remained on the track back.

You are not only celebrated its premiere at the 17th Filmkunstfest in May 2007 in Schwerin, where he was acclaimed by the audience and won the audience award. A good start for a short film that creates more than roll out the dismal lives of Hartz-4-recipients on the cinema screen. It is rather a panorama of life in all its facets, sensitive, original and unsentimental says.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: You are not alone Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 90 (Min) Distribution : New Visions Film Distribution

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