Yes I am!

Yes I am!

Yes, I am!

  As on 10 Was beaten in June 2000, who came from Mozambique Alberto Adriano in Dessau by three drunken young neo-Nazis brutally killed, sparked a lot of this deed. It highlighted a drastic way that the xenophobia in Germany was no longer turning a blind eye to deal with. For too long politicians and citizens had had the signs of increasing violence, which manifests itself again and again, especially in the five eastern German states in attacks against foreigners, simply ignored. In the case of Alberto Adriano is not alone: More than 135 people have been murdered since the German reunification by right-wing perpetrators. Decided yet, under the influence of the terrible deed merge some friends from the music scene in February of 2001 to become an organization named Brother’s Keepers eV to – as they wrote – “break the silence and give voice to the voiceless” – among the members of the association are also stars of the music scene like Xavier Naidoo and Afrob.

The founding members of Brother’s Keepers Association is also D-Flame, Ade and Mamadee, all united by one thing: She grew up as a black German children fathers. And now they are all musicians. To her, about her past as a German white subjects and to their commitment to Brothers Keepers eV turns Sven Halfar documentation Yes I am!. The film accompanies D-Flame, Ade and Mamadee on their tours by schools, where they discuss with the students about the everyday racism and what it means to be German to look different than the others. And incidentally, created the “typical” biographies of three young German, between their country and Africa, they usually only know from stories that are pulled back and forth. Only Adé has spent long years of his childhood in Nigeria, the homeland of his father. When he was murdered by bandits, the mother came back to Cologne. That was in 1986, Ade was then 15 years old. Since then, he divides his time between Cologne and in Lagos. Mamadee was born in the former East Germany, her father was a student from Sierra Leone. When he was expelled because of study and residence permits had expired, was MAMADEE mother and her children back to leave. D-Flame aka Danny Kretschmar, however, is the son of a colored GI. The father was the drug trade to be fatal, and even D-Flame came quickly from the right path, he dealt, then ended up in prison. But now he has torn down again and started an impressive second career as a rapper.

Relation with the story of Brother’s Keeper and the stunning performances of the band project with his film gives Sven Halfar Yes I am! an extraordinary and moving insight into three biographies, a proxy for the difficulties of all foreigners, or even strangers are looking in Germany. The film should also be compulsory in German schools as the visits of Brother’s Keeper. But this is probably just wishful thinking.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Yes I am! Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 104 (Min) Rental: Movienet Film Distribution

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