Yeelen – The Light – TV-Tip of the Week

Yeelen - The Light - TV-Tip of the Week

           Yeelen – The Light – TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama
               Africa, ritual, initiation
  The fact that adolescent sons often other plans for the design of their future than their fathers, is probably alien to any culture. However, if a father out of jealousy and selfishness, however vehemently defends that his son followed that vocation, which he carries himself, is the constellation of the tragic, the history of the Malian film Yeelen – The light from the year 1987 by Souleymane Cissé says. For the young Nyanankoro (Issiaka Kane) of the Bambara tribe in the southeast of Mali, who is about to mature into a man, it is the most important goal, healer, and therefore a member of the respectable class of the Komo, the wise men become – like his father, Soma (Niamanto Sanogo). But the autocratic soma not stand the thought that Nyanankoro follow in his footsteps, so his son to support his mother (Soumba Traore) decides to ask his uncle (Ismaila Sarr) for instruction, who is also a Komo. Thus Nyanankoro makes the first time beyond the tribal boundaries, to search for the uncle, and enters on an adventurous journey through the extreme landscapes of Mali and by the different cultural territories of his country, whose diverse traditions and rituals lined his arduous journey. And he meets the girl Attou (Aoua Sangare), the violation of their tribe and becomes his companion. The wrath of his father, however, can not escape Nyanankoro because Soma pursues him with the help of his magic in the form of a wooden pole to locate the son is able to bring about a confrontation to the death … Calling, rebellion, identity and initiation are the major themes that guide this film about growing up as a journey through unknown, risky regions, who at the Cannes film festival in the race for the Golden Palm, and there took up twice with prices of the Jury Award. The images of the ruthless and yet sublime nature that appears to correspond to great with the internal sensitivities of the protagonists make Yeelen – light into an extraordinary visual experience whose powerful spirituality peace appealing transported. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: Yeelen – The Light – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Yeelen Country of production: Germany, France, Burkina Faso, Mali Year of Production : 1987 Length: 100 (min)

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