5×2 – Fünf mal Zwei

5x2 - Fünf mal Zwei

5×2 – Fünf mal Zwei

  A marriage is permanently frozen at the end and then everything begins: “The divorce judge read out Gilles (Stephane Freiss) and Marion (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi), both around 30, all the necessary clauses and legal details. They both agree kopfhängend type: the catastrophic nadir of their relationship, which will be followed as the peak of hopelessness or a rape. But there were better times – four previous episodes of the pair to be told. A joint dinner with Gilles’s brother, the premature birth of son, Nicolas, the joyous wedding celebration (for a first affair, nonetheless) and the first acquaintance with the Italian beach holiday … Happiness, sadness, love, sorrow and hope – five important, strong emotions in the lives of a couple that belong in a normal relationship to occur often in parallel to each other and therefore can not be separated from each other are.

Told without too many big words, but with much expression and feeling is in large 5×2 fears, misconceptions and violations, but also moments of joy, longing and lust can be felt firsthand. Grand is the representation of Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, which gives her a great character believable vulnerability. Stéphane Freiss turn, convinced in his typical male-looking, withdrawn representation, which also understandable because the viewer comes to understand.

Director Francois Ozon describes the stages of this marriage very compressed, cinematic view a kind of protocol, but in reverse order since the beginning has just been the end and the end of the winsome new beginning is in the air. With the result that, despite the thinking part of the dramatic displays in 5×2 \ ‘principle of hope to survive \’ – alone, because the viewer is allowed, and to feel that way. He is nevertheless equally free, his pessimism may be rampant, men and women do not fit together sometime anyway, and everything ends in chaos, hereby manifest. The dramatic and psychological chamber drama that eventually ends in an almost casual, classic French film that just leaves open many possible interpretations: a description of real life itself, comes much a personally known, one has even seen it already. Only the choice of evaluation and all of these experiences is crucial. No direct indication of ozone, not a moment where the audience knows that has now entered the final reason for the two, separated from each other. The situation of the development remains always open, we may even wish to project farther and farther – and by the end of the movie that tastes like an early spring day.

After Eight women and a swimming pool, therefore a very emotional, personal and acting contribution of ozone, the atmospheric and quality is linked to his earlier films like Under the Sand. The basic idea of 5×2 came as ozone, a text by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, which he already drops on hot stones had been used. This 5×2 is perfect musically accompanied with Italian songs, lyrical and challenging: large European cinema!

Title: 5×2 – Fünf mal Zwei Country of production: France Year of production: 2004 Length: 90 (Min) Rental: Prokino / Fox

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