Wondrous World – Wondrous Oblivion

Wondrous World - Wondrous Oblivion

Wondrous World – Wondrous Oblivion

  Sad is the life in the early sixties in the gray suburbs of London workers living in the eleven years of David Wiseman (Sam Smith), because he and his Jewish family (Emily Woof and Stanley Townsend) are not welcome. Fortunately, there are cricket, David’s favorite sport, which gives him a little diversion from everyday life. In wild fantasies David dreams of his meteoric rise in the school team, he is working on for hours with all possible and impossible moves, strategies and finesse and is a passionate collector of cricket images. However, the reality is quite different, because too much more than sufficient to operate the scoreboard, it usually not for David.

This changes only when the native of Jamaica, Dennis Samuels (Delroy Lindo) and his family into the neighboring house secures. Instead Wiseman directed against the subtle racial hatred now to the family of the former colony. But there is still something else that the two families – despite the suspicion of links David’s parents – with each other: cricket. Dennis has a little daughter in David’s age named Judith (Leonie Elliott), whom he diligently trained. And so it is more than logical that it does not take long before David made friends with Judith, and is also coached by her father. The expert guidance is not without consequences, because David makes great progress, and so manages to finally leap into the school team. David’s mother welcomes the rapprochement with the neighbors, while his father remains suspicious. David himself is confused whether the different reactions aroused by his friendship, as he at his birthday party invites Judith did not, he continues to stand in front of Samuel closed doors. For David is a world collapses.

Committed as an arson attack on the house of Samuel, David’s father was raised protectively in front of the neighbors and his son finally dares to apologize to his friends. But the joint picnic with the Wisemans and the Samuels Garry Sobers Cricket Star (Gary McDonald) will mark the end of the story, as the Wiseman’s have decided to move to another area, are not discriminated against the Jews.

Despite a detailed analysis of many problems, social trends, and interpersonal disturbances Paul Morrison’s film never gets to a problem of study, but he is – in the best British tradition – a wonderful blend of social study and the best cinema entertainment. Detailed and lovingly furnished, backed up with a wonderful score and provided with excellent actors, wonderful world of David is a very warm-hearted and never dull coming-of-age film that makes use of the first to the last minutes of fun.

Title: Wondrous World – Wondrous Oblivion Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2003 Length: 106 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Senator Film

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