Genre: Documentary
               Prostitution, aging, emancipation, Berlinale 2010

Aging mal ganz anders

  Karolina is 64 years old, and formed the epitome of a lady. Kristine is 59 years, petite, brunette, long hair. Paula, 49 years, was once construction worker. The three women are now prostitutes. None of them has been doing this all their lives. On the contrary, all have begun to age. Why not, after all, they deserve a lot of money and how Christel so succinctly in an interview said: “What woman gets to my age than in regular sex?”. Woman, documentary first work of young German director Saara Aila Waasner, gives an insight into the extraordinary life of Berlin’s three wives.

Karolina dominatrix has her own studio and was already dreaming as teenagers break away and do what she wants. This does not departed. For a long time, she worked as a pension consultant and bored both at work and in their marriage. Now she is divorced, the children are grown, and finally, they may even be Carolina and enjoy their holidays. Christel had her first orgasm at 50 years. It has concerned itself, not her husband, too, she is living separately and the deep desire for physical and sexual desire that she missed all these years, she now gets from its customers. Bad they can not find it. There is good money, she has fun and ultimately it was not in the marriage differently. From “Serving the Husband” is now customer service has become. Paula is bisexual and hails from the former GDR. Her first lover was her piano teacher and the affair blew up as it was transferred. A few years later, she committed suicide. Paula wanted to flee but was caught at the border and sat 9 years in jail, abuse and mistreatment included. Now she is in Reinickendorf brothel boss and dreams of emigrating to Bali.

Saara Aila Waasner successful woman with a warm and loving portrait of women away from exhibitionism or prejudice. Always kept a little in the background, she observes the lives of three women, from the customer conversation to Sexakt but also their private lives, their desires and longings, their past and their future. These turn out to be all three within a short time as a popular figure with Berlin’s wonderful snout. Since it is already time philosophizing that one of clients rather than on the genitals recognize the face. Of course, such an insight into an otherwise sealed industries are exciting, interesting, but the lives are behind them. How absurd it seems that the brothel boss at Easter eggs in a brothel window, and represents clients before the next durchsaugt again, shows how far humanity, as clichéd image that the company is about prostitutes. The three ladies certainly prove a lot of heart and courage.

Woman is a documentary about self-determined ages and quite clearly shows that emancipation is only meant for young women.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: woman Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 74 (Min)

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