Wild animal

Wild animal

Beastly wild

  The basic framework of the plot and get a pre already amply familiar: A group of zoo animals from New York büxt out and we first encounter the big city and then in the actual jungle to live there, a series of adventures. According accomplished “heroic deeds” they return to their oh-so-glorious purified to return home, which of course is not so bad either. Well, what is ringing? Right, that’s in a few words the principles of the act of Madagascar, which last year was seen in the cinemas. Now, a new CGI adventure with similar characters and adventures from the Disney studios on the market, which has the bad luck comes, get a year too late on the canvases. For the same idea twice, and a similar course of action that will probably not go well at the box office. A vile plagiarism or a tightening of Disney is conceivable because of the huge production effort of a animation film is unlikely, although the parallels are obvious and not dismissed out of hand. Hollywood is perhaps quite simply incredible imagination? If an author perhaps two studios pitched the same idea, and one of the two companies has evolved from the substance itself? The puzzle is too difficult to solve.

, Unlike in Madagascar is the lion – here he is called Ryan – not a proud king of the savannah, but more like a paper tiger. Unlike his father Samson to the little cat that lies ahead of a breaking voice still impressed with his meowing hardly anyone. To change this, Ryan decides to undergo a test of courage, in the course of which he landed on a container ship called the Wilderness, auswildert the animals in Africa. When Ryan’s dad noticed the disappearance of Samson Sohnemann, he broke with his friend Benny, on the squirrel to find the little ones. Flight is closes his lady giraffes Benny, Nigel the koala, and to Larry the anaconda, and the tame animals finally get on a tropical volcanic island, where it is called a whole, by now have become obsolete survival instinct. Especially since it turns out, the supposed hero Samson in the course of history as a terrible braggart, whose exploits are all shameless and untrue.

Technically Animal wildly while offering plenty of new features and quality improvements, so that texture look almost photorealistic. These qualities can not disguise the fact that plenty of predictable main story already in Madagascar was not the charm, can inspire as much as the various subplots and characters who offer little in Beastly wild grin and possibly cause for the little ones may elicit one or the other laugh. How old is the realization that Mikhail Gorbachev’s insight, “Whoever comes too late to be punished by life” not only for the reality of its validity, but certainly also for the movies.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Beastly Wild Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 Length: 81 (Min) of material: ( #) Buena Vista

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