Why not listen to men and women to park badly

Why not listen to men and women to park badly

Why not listen to poor men and women to park

  Between men and women has changed little since the Stone Age, not too much. This tells us director Leander Haussmann, with his new film, why not listen to men and women to park badly. In the fast staged screwball comedy takes us Haussmann, who also serves as narrator, several times back in the Stone Age. In the highly stylized scenes Stone Age is played to us with a wink, how much time courtship rituals of Neanderthals and the modern ape-man sex behavior are similar. The film is the eponymous best-selling book and its successor-band Why men lie and women always buy shoes by Allan and Barbara Pease destroyed.

Why not listen to poor men and women to park also as witty, self-instructional style Oswald Kolles films conceived. Observed the four metropolitan Berlin Jan (Benno Furmann), Katrin (Jessica Schwarz), Ruediger (Matthias Matschke) and Melanie (Annika Kuhl). In addition to the globetrotters Jonathan Armbruster (Uwe Ochsenknecht) that interferes with the relationship between Jan and Katrin sensitive. Jan is muscular, professionally successful, a heartthrob, and a sincere Herta fan. Katrin is very attractive, successful, a career woman and incorrigible romantic. You could be the perfect couple. But Jan jumps to primitive cues, like the neckline of his secretary of Angie and Kate, despite highly intelligent thought processes, susceptible to the obvious courtship behavior of the leader of the pack, Jonathan. Melanie and Rüdiger control despite their great love to a crisis.

Men and women live in different universes, behavioral, this is an exemplary demonstration of the four flagship models of the species. Despite modern environmental influences and common sense this fall Four again, into the behavior of their prehistoric ancestors. Of course, the behavior, as is usual in a comedy, exaggerated caricatures played, otherwise the situation comedy would not work. The film is a romantic comedy with tremendous pace. Leander Haussmann manages to keep the pace during the movie, every day. This he staged by the verbal wit of the dialogue, the brisk pace of the staging of scenes and the comic talent of the actors. The Quartet Fürmann, Black, Matschke, Kuhl act nimbly in the scenes and you take them off the exaggerated caricature of the characters. Peppered with slapstick and reminiscence of the comedies of the forties and fifties, the film burns off a Gagfeuerwerk. Be it if Katrin in the natural history museum, Melanie says, can play like men, women an orgasm, or when Jan Berlin before fleeing naked through a rocker gear must be the laugh of the audience the film is safe here. Although some gags moving not ignite or contribute excessively silly, like a stream caused by breakdancing insert at the airport, so the film moves on a plane as the light and vibrant works of man’s production style, as are the composed by James Last film music. Just leave the cinema elated one. It is spread a film of good humor.

(Markus Fritsch)

Title: Why not listen to poor men and women to park Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: min 103 () of material: Constantin Film

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