White Ravens – Nightmare in Chechnya

White Ravens - Nightmare in Chechnya
               Genre: Documentary
  “I have always imagined: When you get home, you’ll catch the camp bed in the garden and sleep unter’m apple … Under apples … Now I’m scared. When we get home, everything has changed: the fashion, music, even the streets. Also the attitude to the war has changed. We will be white ravens … “This describes the 20-year-old soldier, Valery Morozov his situation and that of many others return from the war, which broke and disillusioned from the war been going on for years, returning in the Caucasus and not find a place in Russian society. For the new Russia under Vladimir Putin has no losers, at least the official version. And the country did not even know a Chechen conflict. The killings in the south of the Russian Empire will be held almost to the exclusion of the public. In the media, the conflict is simply ignored, so that these returnees are cut off from any opportunity to express themselves. The only institution that cares about them, is the “Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia”, which was founded in 1989 under the impact of the Afghanistan war. Also from the west otherwise freedom-loving world is hardly heard a word of protest against what is going on there. Only some “sensational” as the hostage crisis in Beslan still find their way into the news about the background and everyday questions in the Caucasus, which has been in this country, however, long since abandoned.

The two filmmakers Johann Feindt and Tamara Trampe have for White Ravens – Nightmare in Chechnya for several years watching the soldiers, traumatized and maimed in body and soul not find a place in a society that does not want them . But they are – and the silent film in no way – not only victims of the government, but they are also perpetrators, which is, however, touched only in passing. And even at these pictures we suspect that the real terror in Chechnya is many times must be greater.

The only obvious shortcoming of the film is that the two filmmakers were not allowed to turn in Chechnya itself, so that they depend on the conflict of the “home front” to evaluate and assess. The terror arises in the head by excruciating interviews and stories of young soldiers. A concrete political analysis so undone, however, because it lacks the votes of the other side of the Chechens. And just continue the background of the conflict and the motives of the Russian government in the dark, the war in this way remain. Thus, White Ravens – Nightmare in Chechnya is a shocking document of the situation of the Russian war returnees, but beyond that the film has little to offer new approaches.

Title: White Ravens – Nightmare in Chechnya Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 92 (Min) Rental: Piffl media

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