Whiskey and vodka (DVD)

Whiskey and vodka (DVD)

           Whiskey and vodka (DVD)
               Genre: comedy drama
               Alcoholics, actor, Film

A toast to the German film industry

  Otto Kullberg (Henry Hübchen) is a gifted actor and a star of German cinema – and a drunkard, without the handle to the bottle barely survives another twist. As difficult for him to film without fuel may be, with alcohol, it does not run better. And so the film Tango for Three, the Kullberg just seems directed by Martin Telleck (Sylvester Groth) rotates, slowly but surely to fail because of the antics of an aging actor. Until the producer decides to an unusual measure: to Kullberg to clarify the seriousness of the situation, the so far unsuccessful, and timid, but obviously tried theater actor Arno Runge (Markus Hering) engaged as understudy and then shot each scene twice. No wonder that Kullberg the course is not good. The already existing tensions within the team to swing more and more high and let the nerves.

Especially since the problems with acting jealousies, artistic differences, the usual pecking order and the aging added even amorous entanglements. Bettina Moll (Corinna Harfouch), who plays the female lead in the film, and Kullberg once had a relationship with each other. Today, it is calculated, together with Martin Telleck – finds and so again in a bitter power struggle of the champions. Because, besides the director and his opportunistic aging star also calls for the understudy their share of fame and everything so complicated. In addition, they blur the female young star Heike Marten (Valery Tscheplanowa), the unit manager and several other team members more deeply in Love’s falling, so that in the course of the other shooting can hardly distinguish one between fiction and reality. But what you want in the film expect?

Although the story of schauspielernden drunkard at first like a cliché appears on the extravagances and excesses of the theater and film scene: whiskey and vodka, directed by Andreas Dresen, and from written by Wolfgang Kohlhaase (the two were already working together in Summer in Berlin) is based on a real episode that occurred in the fifties during the filming of the DEFA-part castles and cottages, directed by Kurt Maetzig. Even then it was feared the project as a lead actor was addicted to booze, and secured itself by an understudy.

Whether it is because of this historical connection, or because of the Twenties settings of the film-within-movie Tango for Three: The new film by Andreas Dresen works – thanks to the ubiquitous tango music, despite the localization in the here and Now – incredibly nostalgic and endearing old-fashioned way. lurk behind the facade of the ground “one-liner” and vicious battle of words the psychic depths at each corner – and will now and almost forgotten: the fear of aging, the craving for recognition, the mutual dependencies and incestuous entanglements while turning a film, the rejections and the many small and large interpersonal stories that happen just when you have four weeks or more intensely with each other works.

whiskey and vodka Andreas Dresen’s most complex film to date – and his supposedly lightweight. With its wide panorama of characters and Substories, the coherent scenes and verzwackten movie-within-film-drama, it represents the greatest possible contrast to the highly reduced and formally rigorous previous film Cloud 9, the front just a year also at the Munich Film Festival’s Germany Premiere celebrated. Incredibly, the productivity and Andreas Dresen stylistic range has now DOCUMENTS. Yet there are continuities, which can not be overlooked: Both in cloud 9 as well as in whiskey and vodka, it will focus on the issue of age – although the implementation is then but got very different.

Although There are some striking swipe at the German film industry and its special features such as the conveyor – always reserves Dresen at the gay and melancholy tone, which could come in some places also from the pen of a Woody Allen or a Helmut Dietl. He never swings to a fundamental critique of the German film – what IS in the light of the substance would have been perfectly suitable. Sun whiskey and vodka remains a brave, handsome and humorous film – and it may safely be assumed that he would clear away a lot of encouragement in addition to the German box office and at the German Film Prize. Because if you do not already, things can change, it helps in any case a little when you laugh about it.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: whiskey and vodka (DVD) Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 2009 Length: 100 (min) (# ) Published at: Universum Film format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 0886973825990 Extras: ( #) Audio commentary by Wolfgang and Andreas Dresen Kohlhaase, audio description for the blind

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