When we are together

When we are together
               Genre: literature, comedy
  Two men, two children and no women. Who now thinks of a gay partnership, further from the truth, because Mathias and Antoine are just best friends, decide together the one day. But the neighbors are making themselves as their thoughts, because in the narrow streets of London, nothing goes unnoticed, and when the two men have a dispute for days, everything seems to be clear. Here, a thick relationship conflict exists or not?

In particular, of the nicely dressed architect Antoine (Pascal Elbe), who had been in years with a woman, seems like a Bilderbuchschwuler. The styled apartment and his qualities as an amateur chef kitchen to be proud of, as well as its excellent selection of wines, complemented by an exaggerated Putzzwang. All this can also consider his greatest admirer Sophie (Florence Foresti) in some moments the wrong conclusions. This will only Antoine quietly (and especially cleanliness) raise his young son Louis, and) with Mathias (Vincent Lindon and his daughter Emily to help the lonely life as a single a little on the jumps. His regiment, however, is adamant, as he sets out five rules that make life a little uncomfortable. These include the abandonment of a baby sitter and the prohibition of women visiting the shared apartment, which is caused by the fact that the game Mathias grabbed a sledgehammer and summarily demolished the wall between the previously separate inhabited dwellings. The freshly Mathias love but do not want to miss out on his new fortune Audrey (Virginie Ledoyen) and is very inventive in his work around the rules. Meanwhile, Sophie tried – in their own highly imaginative – through the emotional armor to penetrate Antoine, without saying, however, clear text, so that the hermit mitbekommt nothing of the subtle advances. And then there are all the other idiosyncratic and especially likable characters in this French enclave in London, which make life really so beautiful. Whether Mathias could keep secret his relationship with Audrey and her sweetheart Sophie Antoine will still get to?

If we are together, the literature of the French bestseller by Marc Levy, was realized by his sister Lorraine Lévy and is a male film There are very special kind of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the protagonists in the foreground, which are somewhere between The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie and Notting Hill. Consistently is spoken throughout the film as good as any English and the French to keep to themselves and celebrate the French way of life in the rainy British capital. That is why it’s worth visiting the film in any case in the original version, because the language barriers make many a time for extra humor. The figure of Mathias’ has just created at least as strange as that of Antoine. For Mathias has an extreme fear of heights, are these already, when in his bookseller a book from the top shelf and of course needs to get even bigger if he wants to get a cat or a heroic young boy from a treetop. Fortunately, his lifesaver Audrey always the right place at the right time to rescue the twenty-year old man with his Feincordhosen from certain death. Antoine has his Putzzwang as quite different problems, because it is welcoming and so wonderful, he also cooks, so guests are always among themselves, because it – while the already indulge the delicate buds – even with his Viennese designer kitchen is employed. Clear that in so doing he unaware of the love of Sophie.

If we can live together by the charm of its two main characters that fit wonderfully together, despite their opposition, by some minor characters carefully drawn, and also the comic has just the right amount, without slipping into exaggerated, so that for sophisticated entertainment is provided. Adorable, charming and occasionally hilarious!

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: If we are together Original Title: Mes amis, mes amours Country of production: France Year of production: 2008 Length : 99 (Min) of material: Arsenal Film Distribution

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