When is the right one

When is the right one

If the right person comes

  Strangely enough, the film’s development, the Rhein-Neckar-made region. Galt, the region around Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg, a decade ago as a cinematic no-man’s, there has been the latest since the SWR crime scenes with Ulrike Folkerts and Dito Tsintsadze Lost Killers changed. All the more encouraging for the region – indeed in the home-cinema zeit.de – is that this development if the right thing now is continuously perpetuate.

The tall, Paula (Isolde Fischer) is a cleaning lady at the Mannheim Collini Center – which incidentally also a cinematic hotspot squars, for here resides the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg – and leads a fairly normal life with Feudel and canary. The Turkish guard Mustafa (Can Sengül) flywheel is spun in their daily lives. ‘That’s the man of my heart’, she thinks – and confuse politeness with love. When Mustafa, one day no longer comes to work, she goes looking for him and plunges into the greatest adventure of their lives. Animated by the belief in a miracle, she follows Mustafa in the Turkish city of Adana million, although she has neither address nor telephone number …

The starting point of collaboration between Oliver Paulus and Stefan Hillebrand – both graduates of the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg – was the idea of a feature film as a documentary shoot. There was neither a script nor a ready-made storyline – Improvisation was the top priority! The actors never knew anything about the roles and intentions of their playing partner and got to know each other only at the location. The story was developed from the moment out and is always oriented to their main characters. Not a single scene was repeatedly ruled out any planning for the camera and actors. Except for the main characters all the other actors were cast, so to speak “on the road.” Many play themselves, for example, their “real” job. In this way, a lot has happened, and incidentally, what gives the film a great authenticity and immediacy. Kurpfaelzer a kind of dogma, so that, as in Denmark to expand the scope of the cinematic possibilities appear rather narrow and creates a closeness and authenticity that you find anywhere else in the cinema all too rare. A successful, very charming and entertaining experiment that will hopefully find its audience not only in Mannheim.

Title: If the right person comes Country of production: Germany, Switzerland Year of production: 2003 Length: 81 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Kool Film Distribution

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