Whatever Works

Whatever Works
               Genre: Comedy, Romance
  In old age we can confront the near end of life with self-ironic superiority or represent quite the opposite: one’s own finitude convulsively at the center of existence last season. The hero of Woody Allen’s newest film Whatever Works is a being composed of two layers – a likable Annie Hall, who commutes between sarcasm, cynicism and fear of death.

The New York retirees Boris (Larry David) is here to a life full of events to look back. Almost he had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics, which has earned him not only fame but also the amorous reputation of a genius. His marriage seems to cope, such as the fate placed: Married to an intellectual who is interested in art, classical music and theater, Boris’ life like a big city story so perfectly composed. Too perfect for the neurotic, whose permanent doubts and musings straight from the wisdom and consistency of its decisions arises. “Our marriage is too rational,” complained Boris, who are in a self-reflexive, “drowned in jazz and Being and Time, questioning existence of single moves.

, But Boris would not be Woody Allen’s alter ego, if not to make mockery of one grizzled cynic to the beauty of youthful recklessness: One night Boris discovered the young melody (Evan Rachel Wood) in a dumpster. Traveled from the southern states, the expanses of the American province to New York looking for the 20-year-old very lucky in the big city chaos, without a concrete plan for an apartment or have no work. For Boris, they seek shelter, this eccentric loner who takes the naive girl at first reluctantly, then shows her scowling the city to let himself be caught eventually by the attractiveness of life and zeal for the provincial. She comforts him as he plunges down the stairs, sweat wet bath, while the words “I die, I die,” loudly proclaiming. They still can not know that Boris’s panic attacks are an expression of physical suffering, but very thematise tiefenphilosophisch the absence of human meaning. “No, I do not mean. At some point I think I must die sometime .”

with amusing lightness of the love affair of the unequal pair leads to a large city or comedy, in which Melodies bigoted mother (Marietta Celestine), which goes in search of her child to New York, mutates to a promiscuous artist and gallery owner. And her father (Ed Begley Jr.), in turn, arch-conservative Republican, found in a dimly lit pub his repressed homosexual feelings. Between the scenes of the film speaks with the voice of Boris know better, who knows how to return the curious goings-on with philosophical serenity of the facts on the ground – until he himself with the finitude of human relations must confront.

, The New York Times had nothing good to Woody Allen’s new comedy. And you will probably have to give the writers right when they complain that they can typically woodyeske satire to the work of the veteran to add anything substantially new. Manhattan is, as always, a small village in the city, where some better off spending between philosophy seminars, gallery openings, cinema visits and theater evenings of their time in cafes and cozy pubs. The age is still a hurdle for happiness, but no reason to despair. And do not take life is still this strange mixture of coincidences and oddities, all of which advise clients to their own fate too seriously. Whatever works and still is a satire that Woody Allen so elated just a point and can work out successfully, an ode to the eternal city of New York, this myth, which can be cold, no movie-goers. Last Woody Allen’s latest film, which has returned to Europe flying visits to the origin of its development, a great, honest joy – just when the viewer is able to transfer this irony and detachment of the heroes themselves, and that the lives of finite , while not pointless and understand caring for surprises luck. This fantastic facility makes Woody Allen to a one-time publication of international cinema.

(Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: Whatever Works Country of production: France, USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 92 (Min) Distribution : Movie Central

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