What Love in Thoughts – TV-Tip of the Week

What Love in Thoughts - TV-Tip of the Week

What Love in Thoughts – TV-Tip of the Week

  “You understand nothing,” replies Paul Krantz (Daniel Brühl), the two policemen who interrogated him. The detectives are sure that he is one of the leaders of a suicide club, who makes speeches in the last time in Berlin on his own.

So begins What Love in thoughts, on a real case, the ” Steglitz student drama based that struck in 1927 the Weimar Republic. The focus of the story, the director Achim von Borries, along with his co-authors Hendrik Handloegten (Where learning has written), which are two friends, Paul, the introverted gifted poet of humble origins, and Guenther Scheller off (August Diehl), the playboy good family. Both links above all: The search for the greatest happiness of the greatest love, the highest point in the life – and the right moment to end this. For this reason, they have formed a suicide club with the aim to kill then if they feel no love and take all those who robbed them of their love.

Just decide before the weekend, the two friends, to spend the next days in the summer house of Gunther’s family. There, Paul meets Gunther-loving and flirtatious sister Hilde (Anna Maria Mühe) – in his eyes, “the prettiest girl in Berlin” – and falls spontaneously into them. But Hilde is well aware of her effect on men entirely, and she begins a flirtation with the inexperienced Paul. In the following summer, finally, the emotions to tip: For Hilde unabashedly happy there with her lover, Hans, for the proposal, the heart of her brother Gunther. And Paul is so unhappy about Hilda’s rejection that he did not Elli noticed him idealising.

The next morning they fly back to Berlin to the town house of the Scheller. And when there finally Hilde secretly pleased with Hans, Paul and Günther see only one way: From their infinite love and the associated pain can only be death to redeem …

What good is love in idea is an ecstatic, emotional and powerful film that relies on the power of his poetic images, and any results generated atmosphere. Who can get involved with the extreme roller coaster ride of emotions, will experience a wonderful film about the radical nature of love and also two of the most promising young actors, the German cinema can currently offer: Daniel Brühl and August Diehl.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: What Love in Thoughts – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2004 Length: 90 (min)

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