We’re No Angels – TV-Tip of the Week

Were No Angels - TV-Tip of the Week

We’re No Angels – TV-Tip of the Week

  Naturally, there are a lot of good Christmas movies to watch, let the blind eye on some generous wasteland of programming. Of one of Freud, the other suffering. For as God’s sake you should give this mass of cinematic delicacies a tip? Nevertheless, we will of course an esteemed audience of close to bring a piece of advice, knowing that at Christmas something other than the local telly are the focus. And so the TV at least a little tip is compatible with the festival, we have selected a delicacy that a) revolves around Christmas and then b) is shown when the big battle with the wrapping paper and the love relationship has long since passed. (# )
France 1895: One can not say that the convicts Joseph (Humphrey Bogart), Jules (Peter Ustinov) and Albert (Aldo Ray) innocent incarcerated in the notorious detention camp in the French Devil’s Island: Joseph is a true artist as a forger Jules cracking safes in the chord, and Albert took care of family harmony, as he did connect his unpopular uncle prematurely before his Creator. At Christmas time, the three crooks are not overwhelmed by so much nostalgia that they dare simply an attempt to escape – turbulent, but with success. In their search for decent clothes and money for their trip to the French mainland, it verschlägt the crooks in the house of Felix Ducotel (Leo G. Carroll). He runs with his sympathetic wife Amelie (Joan Bennett) and his charming daughter Isabelle (Gloria Talbott), a small merchant shop. But Ducotel has very different concerns than three escapees who want to secretly steal from him: His shop is close to ruin. So it happens that the three fugitives, rather than enrich themselves, the good-hearted Ducotels actively in solving their problems at your side – though without the “master of the house” may noticed some of these charities, after all, Joseph, Jules and Albert “incognito” as a guest in the house Ducotel. While Joseph did something serious about correcting Ducotels business books “, looks at the Albert Lovesickness daughter of Isabelle and Jules” magic “on a safe door. Even when Felix arrives Ducotels unpleasant, greedy cousin André (Basil Rathbone) and his nephew, Paul (John Baer) to make it difficult for the poor man’s life, knowing the three convicts an elegant solution: And so the viper II Adolf, the mascot the trio successfully used. With their unorthodox methods succeed his friends finally bring the Ducotels unexpectedly a very joyful and carefree Christmas. But the crooks even touches the contemplative mood of the heart – and suddenly they no longer even know whether they would continue their adventurous flight in general …

with no angels We are master director Michael Curtiz (was Casablanca), an equally exciting and touching comedy staged crooks, one of the few classic Christmas movies ever, alongside Is not life wonderful? by Frank Capra. Merry Christmas!

Title: We’re No Angels – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: USA Year of production: 1955 Length: 101 (min .)

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