Wendy and Lucy (DVD)

Wendy and Lucy (DVD)

           Wendy and Lucy (DVD)
               Genre: Drama
               Dog, car, theft, homelessness

The great divide between rich and poor

  A woman, a dog and a car are the focus of this Sozialdramas that achieved with a minimalist use of large effect. In today’s society can actually exist only if you have a successful career and lead a life in compliance with standards. Both can not show Wendy – played by Heath Ledger’s former girlfriend – she lives on the margins of society in social isolation and give its only life energy from her dog Lucy. Another phenomenon of our so-called modern society: if the relationships do not want to really succeed, then faithful four-legged love is fast becoming the replacement.

“Where are you going?” “I’m going to Alaska!” Whether Wendy (Michelle Williams) will reach their destination, however, is in the stars, because on the one hand their car breaks down, the other she is caught shoplifting and her dog Lucy, is kidnapped by persons unknown. These three facts make the now homeless young woman forced to make a stopover in a small American town, and now her life is only intended them to find their beloved hot dog. It is assisted by a helpful security guard, who her with his mobile phone, a few dollars and anticipates all of his humanity under his arms. located beyond an idyllic road movies, shows Wendy and Lucy but the hard struggles of a dropout, which goes to the capitalist and moral values of American society, wealth, almost destroyed. Destination Alaska arises not out as a romantic transfiguration but from an economic calamity, so Wendy casual job there in a fish factory can, for jobs in the rest of the United States a rare phenomenon.

Kelly Reichardt took Hurricane Katrina, made homeless by the many people, an opportunity to make a film about a woman who – contrary to the general prejudice that “it is up to their own laziness, if you are poor and unsuccessful – attempts by all forces, from herauszukämpfen their unemployment. Michelle Williams, who like her acting career with – you hardly believe it – “Baywatch” began, is more often seen in independent productions. And that makes them extremely good. It conveys vividly the role of Wendy and gives it such a great authenticity that the film occasionally takes on a documentary nature. This conveys the message of Reichardt’s all the more intense because it shows that the individual is hardly anything these days is one, and certainly not when it is (in this case she) is not economically hedged, and exhibit no training flights has. The western border of those countries benefit from their company, belonging to a particular layer. As are the lives already mapped out at birth and probably inevitably lead to poverty and exclusion. Although Wendy is doing its best to avoid the relegation, they lead the external adverse conditions ever down, and Reichardt shows with her drama, that the road can sometimes go out into society very quickly.

Wendy and Lucy is a melancholy touching, very realistic film that the values of our Western society is evil in question, which shows that the American dream of rags to riches pure fiction, and the hard life of a wife to the center, makes the dropout, and thus unintentionally to the outsider is. Despite the awkward situation in which it is located, Wendy tries to preserve their dignity and not to lose their pride. With a big emotional balancing act creating it because even though her heart by the wayside remains …

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Wendy and Lucy (DVD) Country of production: USA Production year: 2008 Length: 77 (Min.) (# ) Published at: Movie Gallery 451 format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, English EAN: 9783941540262 Extras: ( #) interview with Kelly Reichardt, trailers, short stories

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