We Feed the World – Essen Global

We Feed the World - Essen Global

We Feed the World – Essen Global

  Bad mood, embarrassed silence, the emerging desire for escapism, and escapism. After the film is not before the movie, especially if it is an unpleasant substance such as We Feed the World is. And that’s amazing because we hoped to be a regular movie-goers have believed (or?) Had to have already seen many atrocities, and be prepared accordingly. Megacities, Darwin’s Nightmare and the rest of them all – no, it is more violent: with We Feed the World – Essen Global has achieved in the documentary horror of a new quality. So rather then look away? Do not want to admit it? It is well known, it can not be. Perhaps taking the time to the Austrians, Germans an example – there, We Feed the World – Essen Global has recorded with 180,000 paid admissions a surprise success.

In the footsteps of our food director Erwin Wagenhofer distributes through Europe: report on nutrition in this age of globalization, about hunger in abundance, can ordinary people on the ground, but also well-known personalities such as Jean Ziegler, author and UN Special Rapporteur come to speak together the interesting and embarrassing information to the film.

Whether) the impact of group education on our food (Nestlé group as whole is advancing industrialization of the food chain, devastating subsidies and protectionism, GM (seeds ), massive environmental destruction, the consequences of hunger and profit maximization (all “stages” in the production of Lebendware “chicken”) – We Feed the World – Essen Global represents calm, rich, and facts on imaging, realistic, non-emotive manner unacceptable realities which arrive directly at the viewer in the head and heart. And cause indignation, perhaps alongside a change in consumption patterns of individuals. Because (and here the central message of the film is, of course), the civil society by surrendering could change something, it has the individual in his hand, what and how much he consumed. An important, brilliant docu-depressingly so, the long nachwirkt and should be a mandatory film in schools.

(Michael Spiegel)

Title: We Feed the World – Essen Global Country of production: Austria Year of production: 2005 Length: 96 (min) ( #) Distribution: Dolphin Film Distribution

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