We are all grown up

We are all grown up
               Genre: Comedy
  A nightmare of a vacation beginning: The cottage is already occupied. But after this film that lives, not least by the beauty of the Swedish islands, one might prefer to travel myself.

Sun Ingmar Bergman would have to contact his home at center stage as a mirror image of the soul, an expression of happiness, but also of profound disruption. But it is not a Swede, who has directed this film. Anna Novion is French. And she makes her debut in the proverbial ease of their countrymen, all honor. With a lot of charm and wink she gives us four people watched at Ferienmachen who have very serious problems. Namely, your life is stuck in a dead end.

Outwardly happened, what could happen in any real vacation: Adventure to meet new people, the first love. But there is something else. The lone Albert (Jean-Pierre Darroussin), who with his daughter Jeanne (Anais Demoustier) makes holidays in Sweden, will tackle a crisis during the holidays. A crisis, of which he still knows nothing. Because he’s hiding his unhappiness behind all sorts of control constraints and a Ordnungswahn that would elicit a psychologist at least a frown. Daughter Jeanne, however, is a little shy, but otherwise remarkably unscathed by the parenting style of Mr. Papa. That the two must now live in the house with Christine (Judith Henry) and Annika (Lia Boysen) under one roof, being duly brings momentum into the relationship life.

Of course, Christine and Annika are adult women, at the 40th And they also have to clarify something in their life, so you could say that the adult becoming is a process that never ends. Nevertheless, Albert and Anna put a lot deeper in the development of a traffic jam. You have to grow up in the true sense. Anna is celebrating their holidays 17.Geburtstag and will learn to put their own ideas, contrary to the dominant father. And Albert has remained, despite its 46 Lenze, a young boy. He consoles himself over his loneliness with the fact that he owned the closer ties in themselves.

All in all, a soul and a dramatic situation as it would preclude the Bergman film attractive look. That it is a comedy, not because the problems would be swept under the carpet. It is because they are approached with a life-affirming attitude. We are all grown up / Les grandes personnes interested in with just as analytical as warm-hearted view of the interior. But Anna Novion it makes no relationship with war. It shows that the painful experiences such as a father his daughter needs to share, basically are not as bad as feared. If such it manages to expose himself to them.

The best thing about this movie: He plays the conflict is not, they rarely verbalized. But he works almost exclusively with fine details, accurate observations of rich and meaningful gestures. What can I say praise for a film that is committed in the title to the often durchgenudelten theme of coming-of-Age? Perhaps this: that you really want to get Sweden.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: We are all grown up Original Title: Les grandes personnes Country of production: Sweden, France Year of production: 2008 Length : 84 (Min) of material: Alamode Film

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