Waltz With Bashir – Cannes 2008

Waltz With Bashir - Cannes 2008

Waltz with Bashir – Cannes 2008

Waltz with Bashir is a journey into his past by Israeli director Ari Folman and also the rebirth of a virtually unknown film genres – the animated documentary.

The film takes its starting point in a bar where a friend tells director Folman that every night he suffers from a recurring nightmare in which he is chased by wild dogs. The men come to the conclusion that the cause somewhere in their shared experiences during the first Lebanon war in 1982, during which both the Israeli army were to be buried, it must. Folman also notes with surprise that he can barely even remember back to those events and goes on a journey into his own past, which leads to a terrible realization.

, The surreal images that illustrate Folman documentary work of memory created by the Israeli children’s author David Polonsky and frustrate their colorful seemingly depicted the horrors, culminating in massacres of Sabra and Shatila. There were massacred by Christian militiamen around 3000 Palestinians while the Israeli army stood by. Precisely in this account at the end of the film then switches Folman also back to real video footage.

The German press appears convinced film by Ari Folman. “Folman and his team, a new form of war documentary, which fascinated both visually, and emotionally, shake up,” said Andreas Borcholte on spiegel.de. Christina also praises the film on North taz.de. “The clarity of the animation, the juxtaposition of dream and reality that opens a little rough line, to the hard use of music: All that Folman an area in which it more directly reflect on memory, trauma, and can forget when the movie in real would be possible. ” On welt.de also Hanns-Georg Rodek is convinced that is Folman with the novel fusion of animation and real film success. “The unusual picture experience sensitized us now re-Bashir in terms of violence, and if Folman abruptly at the end of a trick to walk through the ruined camp on real video footage cut from there, are the real pictures back a shock .”

Wendy Ide of the Times of London is also convinced Folman film’s content, but technically they can not inspire the style of animation, which she describes as “relatively sophisticated today. Leslie Pelperin of Variety is confident that Waltz with Bashir would be just another docu about a war crime, would not Folman set to animation techniques. So here arises something “special, strange and yet strangely powerful .”

Waltz With Bashir starts in the fall in the rental of Pandora Film in German cinemas.


Title: Waltz with Bashir – Cannes 2008 Country of production: Germany, France, Israel Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (min .) Rental: Pandora Film

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