Volver – Cannes 2006

Volver - Cannes 2006

Volver – Cannes 2006

  If his last film, La Mala Educación / Bad Education opened two years ago out of competition, the International Film Festival on the Cote d’Azur, cause a stir, it is this time in Cannes with his latest work as the only Spanish Volver Director represented in the competition: Pedro Almodovar , the flamboyant Summoner human disasters.

Volver means “return” and refers within the plot of the movie in the spirit of a dead mother, who seeks the realms of the living, to assist his daughters in times of crisis. But beyond these obvious significance beyond this simple book includes for the passionate filmmakers and screenwriters the personal dimension of an overall return. For Almodóvar returns theme back into the worlds of the female character who has always exercised a special fascination for him, and with it old and familiar-sounding names crop up again years later in his cast, led by Penélope Cruz and Carmen Maura. According to the latest tragedy occurred mostly movies with Volver also one of the rebirth sometimes grotesque comedy of the director, who accompanied the catastrophic events with indestructible mentality. And last but not least Almodovar returns to the shooting of La Mancha, where he was born and raised mostly by women, and that this mood of his childhood memories, it forms the substance of the story of his new film.

Not easy to design the life of Raimunda (Penélope Cruz), which tries to keep her small family in the urban jungle of Madrid with a few small jobs on the water, but the extremely attractive young woman possesses the unshakeable to mobilize courage of a born fighter, who always manages to combine forces to cope with their harsh daily life. During her unemployed husband Paco (Antonio de la Torre), they hardly find support, especially since these are increasingly looking too deeply into the high-proof glass, so that she and her teenage daughter Paula (Yohana Cobo) are basically on their own. Raimunda’s older sister, Sole (Lola Duenas), rather an anxious and hesitant person, is carried forward in Madrid, with half-legal hair salon through life alone after her husband has run off with one of its customers.

On a Sunday in spring, changing the lives of two sisters but suddenly, when she received the news of the death of their aunt Paula (Chus Lampreave). While Sole travel to her native town of La Mancha to attend the funeral, just Raimunda has other worries, because her daughter Paula has moved her father with a knife into the next world, to defend himself against sexual harassment. At any price Raimunda now intend to protect Paula from legal prosecution, and the need to remove the corpse dissolves shrewd and racy secrets in her life. Sole, however innocently brings the spirit of their dead mother (Carmen Maura) from La Mancha to Madrid, which is quartered with her, disguised as a penniless Russian girl its clients wash their hair, and especially for Raimunda and Paula has an important message …

Almodóvar’s heroines eventually fight for a worthwhile survival under adverse circumstances, and even if their emotions sometimes a wear-pushed to come perilously close to chaos, they refuse to adhere strictly to be victims, what their strengths lie particularly dignified . Instead of resigning in an almost tangible to Phlegmatismus they remain able to act and take the ever so ausssichtslos phenomenal fight for their destiny into their own hands, sometimes accompanied by a supporting magic realism, sometimes touched by the everyday madness that appears only too human. ( #)
Almodóvar’s tragicomic tale of death, abuse, violence and female spirits, and survival strategies in the face of deadly diseases as well as about power and powerlessness closely guarded secrets provided the colorful and celebrated climax of the third day festival in Cannes dar.
( #) At the press conference was the director among his actresses Penélope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Lola Duenas, Blanca Portillo, Yohana Coba and visibly touched by the topic and the shooting of Volver, and the actresses were warm and enthusiastic words for the sensitive virtuosity its director and the multi-faceted female roles, which he acknowledges a tremendous development framework – a performance, surely is one of the highlights of the event.

is Blessed Pedro Almodóvar’s new film Volver by the Hollywood Reporter, particularly with the spectacular performance of Penélope Cruz is found and staged a combination of fantastic and realistic elements than perfect and with great charm highlights. Quite favorably reported Der Spiegel, however, also speaks of the slightly unpleasant lengths and criticized an overly compliant embedding of the protagonists in a gay-friendly facility, which prevents the intensity of the serious issues. The Hamburger Abendblatt Volver contrast, sees the early favorites of the festival, and the Berliner Zeitung writes about him all the elements that have a good movie should, and it is euphoric with invisible twinkle even contemporary, sacred to speak the Spanish director.


Volver – Cannes 2006 Country of production: Spain Year of production: 2006 Length: 120 (Min)

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