Vincent wants to Sea

Vincent wants to Sea

Vincent wants the sea

               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Travel, sea, anorexia, Tourette’s syndrome, urn, difficult home

A road movie in circumstances

  A group of outsiders want to leave. First, it sounds not very innovative, but this act is known from films such as Knocking on Heaven’s Door, and Mad About Paris. The latter film has Vincent wants to sea even more common: In both cases, there are three residents and residents of a therapeutic device which moves into the distance.

The 27 year old Vincent (Florian David Fitz, who also wrote the script) suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, and his beloved mother has just died. His father, a busy politician (Heino Ferch) white with its “disabled” son did not start him so much, and organized a place in a home. Vincent’s first impression of his new home is a disaster: his roommate, Alexander (John Allmayer) is an obsessional neurotic, who forbids him first to use the restroom. He is touching as anything. Vincent better understood already there with Marie (Karoline Herfurth), which is here because of her anorexia. Marie, it is also the stealing after a dispute with the therapist, Dr. Rose (Catherine Muller-Elmau) their car keys. Shortly thereafter, the three are on their way to Italy, where Vincent wants to scatter his mother’s ashes into the sea. In Alexander, the other really just wanted to stop …

What could go backwards in any setting – Tourette is suitable with its slapstick outbreaks wonderfully discriminatory presentation of “disabled” works – wonderful in this film. After writing and directing deal with their characters very respectful. Vincent, Marie and Alexander are all popular figure, although each of them would stand in reality may be difficult. Vincent, who has fallen in love with Marie, is plagued by a “clown, sitting in his brain and shits between his synapses. Contrary to his seizures, convulsions and permanent expulsion of swear words that can so-called coprolalia, not to defend himself. Marie refuses to during the days of driving through the Italian Alps, eat only one slice of cucumber on. Alexander fought with each other and brings the crumbs with the permanent deployment of countless sprays to despair. Especially John Allmayer sure: His Alexander is a captive in itself, inhibited philistines and also a love-hungry and lovable person. One of the best scenes of the film shows him as a conductor of a sunset – great!

During the three coming ever closer to their goal and not be deterred by Vincent blocked account card, follow them, Vincent’s father and Dr. Rose. The first extremely unpleasant father mainly interested in the reprimand, which he wants to keep his wayward son – to screwed him just the campaign – and the therapist the other hand, fears for the health of their patient’s Marie, she wanted to instruct even the force-feeding. Like the three residents are Dr. Rose and Vincent’s father, imprisoned in their own ideas in an idea of his own personality, from which they have to solve now.

The fact that Vincent’s father, not a trace of sympathy for his son wants to spend, take as much a woman rose against him as the fact that he is always on the phone and on the welfare of the patient is not interested. That the politician’s arrogance toward “acting out the ordinary people of the People” also in Italian traffic police, brings the two eventually to jail. Succeeded in this part of the plot as in the entire film is the constant switching between comic and serious scenes. “My goal was always to remain on a knife edge, so a tone between poetry and reality of evil, and between nasty, coarse humor but then find another delicacy,” says screenwriter and actor Fitz.

During struggling father and therapist, but nor should we take to be able to hunt again, the three sought to fight very different problems that have nothing to do with their particular situation. Between Vincent and Mary begin a love story that stirs in their delicacy and caution, but also leads to Alexander feels left out. An ordinary story of jealousy? Not necessarily, because the three egocentric develop a new sense of responsibility for each other, which makes each of them will always be sympathetic.

Vincent, who until now were only known as a loner and was excluded completely fixated on his mother, witnessed for the first time that one can self-organize their lives as well. Between him and the fact that strenuous Alexander created a peculiar friendship. Your happiness and also its uncertainty, the actors play very touching.

When it comes two groups finally meet each other, not far from a big showdown, because the refugees know what to do and continue with the luxury car of the father – which primarily makes Alexander’s heart beat faster.

At the end of the trip has changed for everyone involved something crucial. “For me it was never so good,” Alexander can tell his therapist. Between Vincent and his father is there for the first time in a conversation that has signs of understanding. For Vincent it means meeting with Alexander and Marie more than two new friends: He has won the realization that one must first accept yourself before life can continue. And that we can heal anyone – except herself thus, the film avoids the dangerous rock of soothing happy endings. Nothing is good, but anything is better than just a few days. The trip goes for Vincent and his friends go until now.

Director Ralf Huettner is used to humorous projects: He became famous with Helge Schneider Texas – Doc Snyder, the world holds its breath. Unlike Texas, however, is in Vincent sea wants the sensitive portrayal of his characters at the center. Perhaps this is why the film is limited to only five characters throughout. The intensity with which the actors fill their roles, represents many major ensembles in the shade.

The difficulty for Huettner is that “If the illness seriously, yet the comedy does not forget: That one with such difficult characters can also easily circumvented. ” That’s it – thanks to the wonderful actor succeeded -.

(Claire Horst)

Title: Vincent wants the sea Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 of material: Constantin Film Distribution

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