Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

               Genre: Comedy, Romance
               Love, Los Angeles, Valentine Couple

Unconditional Love on Valentine’s Day

  Whenever approaching a special holiday, such as when Christmas is just around the corner or the Easter Bunny comes, white Hollywood cinema to inspire our excitement with plenty of impossible stories and crafted feel-good-movies. And even if one of these occasional pieces of sheer stereotypes often look like no more, but was finally caught while to find pleasure in the ritual secretly film fairy tale. On Valentine’s Day this Selbsttäuschungsspirale is surpassed, at a pinch. For those who pretend that this day only a feeling – that love is – this is often forgotten that in addition to the hopelessly in love the flowers, gift and chocolate industry longingly at the 14th February waits. Thus, the film industry.

Valentine’s Day (or literal can be a film title, which owes its existence to a date not choose) is a nice by-product that tastes so good and goes so quickly like a pack of candy. In this case, consisting Frischhalteelemente of the film consists of short, alternating stories of some lover who can not meet and yet they are fated for each other. Pepped up the narrative elements that seem taken from a film such as Registry of the 100 most impressive cinematic means, has a few prominent faces (Julia Roberts got a mini-roll and Jessica Alba can play) and the non-destructive hope that the crises and will dissolve longings of lovers in pleasure and happiness – as usual, just like in the movies.

To not see themselves exposed to the charge that the film would hand down stale love models, the filmmakers have some love today’s concept of justice would pair constellations included in the action. It is the story of a Professional Footballers (Eric Dane), who thinks about getting out of the sports shop to finally live his homosexuality, also shows the love of a son (Bryce Robinson) who is waiting anxiously for his mother, who serves as a soldier abroad and return home on Valentine’s Day plans. And the love of a retired couple, including confusion, longing, betrayal and large Verzei-me-ready action keeps the film in order to prepare for any potential viewers the necessary identification.

In fact, so does the movie what it promises: we will end up with a big, happy tears in my eyes driving finale, which makes us believe unconditional love is possible even in a post-ideological society. Who on the day of lovers who wants to be under the illusion that nothing is left to chance and fateful love actually exists, which is getting for his money the right (film-delivered product). But an unconditional Hollywood Consumers will find that the film comes along and completely ironiefrei also exhibits some logical gaps. All the main characters, which (edge) group they belong, are wealthy, handsome and healthy. This is what ails the film: One would have hoped that would at least be given one of the many stories a pair, the circumstances of today, more complex time is reflected in its inscrutability. But I guess this is just the point: In reality we do not want to be reminded of such a day.

(Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: Valentine’s Day Original Title: Valentine’s Day Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 Length: 124 ( min) of material: Warner Bros.

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