Vadim Glowna – Biography and Filmography

Vadim Glowna - Biography and Filmography

Vadim Glowna – biography and filmography

  Born in 1941 in Eutin actor, director and screenwriter, attended drama school in Hamburg. After his apprenticeship at Gustavus Griindgens Hildeburg Freese took him directly to the Hamburg Schauspielhaus. Engagements, directed by Peter Zadek, Wilfried Minks and Claus Peymann at the Munich Chamber of games, the theater of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and Berlin. At the same time you could see the very diverse and successful character actor in numerous film and television roles.

His international appearances include count canvas Sam Peckinpah’s Steiner – The Iron Cross, Bertrand Tavernier and Claude Chabrol’s The Death Watch Quiet Days in Clichy. In Germany, he stood for directors such as Reinhard Hauff, Edgar Reitz, HW Geissendörfer and Maximilian Schell in front of the camera. For his role in The Untouchables, he was honored in 2000 with the German Film Critics Prize for Best Actor. In April 2004 it was Glowna as Johann Sebastian Bach in Dominique de Rivaz, ‘My name is Bach see in the movies.

Vadim Glowna convinced not only as an actor, but also with his own directorial work: In 1980, he directed his first feature film based on own screenplay and won his debut in Desperado City, 1981 in Cannes Camera d’Or.

Filmography – Vadim Glowna (selection)

The old man – dead and forgotten (TV) (directed by Vadim Glowna)
all that is right (TV) (directed : Zoltan Spirandelli)

A strong team – Bloody Harvest (TV) (directed by Michel Bielawa)

The House of the Sleeping beauty (Director: Vadim Glowna)
lapis lazuli – In the Eye of the Bear (Director: Wolfgang Murnberger)
Four minutes (Director: Chris Kraus)

Nachtschicht – Death in the supermarket (TV) (directed by Lars Becker)
Chancellor (TV) (Director: Various)
Tatort – Shadow Wedding (TV) (directed by Kaspar Heidelbach)
All alone (TV) (director: Bernd Böhlich)

The rose breeder (TV) (director: Erhard Riedlsperger)
The last witness – Bitter) in the finish (TV (Dir: Various)
Agnes and His Brothers (directed by Oskar Roehler)

2003 ( #) Der alte Affe Angst (directed by Oskar Roehler)
Mein Name ist Bach (Director: Dominique de Rivaz)

Baader (directed by Christopher Roth)

Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man (directed by Lars Kraume)
Suck My Dick (Director: Oskar Roehler)
Tanke terminus (directed Steinbart Nathalie)

is the cold Abendhauch (directed by Rainer Kaufmann)

The Untouchables (directed by Oskar Roehler)

Quiet Days in Clichy (directed by Claude Chabrol)
(# ) 1988
Wherever you are (directed by Krzysztof Zanussi)

Edith’s Diary (Director: HW Geissendörfer)

The Death Watch (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)

The Tailor of Ulm (Director: Edgar Reitz)

Germany in Autumn (directed by Edgar Reitz)
The main character (directed by Reinhard Hauff)
Group Portrait with Lady (directed by Aleksandar Petrovic)

Steiner – Cross of Iron (directed by Sam Peckinpah)
Police Python 357 (Director: Alain Corneau)

love and so on (directed by George Moorse)

Director filmography (selection)

scene: pawn (TV)

The Devil’s Paradise

Chekhov in my life

This rigorous life

Desperado City


Vadim Glowna – biography and filmography

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