Up in the Air

Up in the Air

Up in the Air

               Genre: drama, literature, comedy
               Frequent flyer, mileage, business consultant

The frequent flyer no fixed abode

  For Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is traveling not a burden but a pleasure. The passionate professional frequent flyer who is traveling in the service of his company of 322 days a year to cross through the land of opportunity to release employees of companies “that has developed over the course of his career, moving around an art form in the first few scenes more like a ballet than a normal mission is like. Virtuosity and carefully circumscribed movements moves the smart consultant on the endless corridors and various security checks of the faceless and nameless airports. As it turned out, he knows exactly where the snake he must classify ( “Never behind pensions, which have more metal on the body, as she guessed it), to reach as easy and time saving his flight, he knows well with the different conditions of different rental car companies and hotel chains. He is also equipped with plastic cards for almost any purpose in life and has only one goal in mind: He becomes the seventh passenger ever wants to break the magical barrier of 10 million air miles with American Airlines and its airline to get to enjoy a highly exclusive customer.

By the way Ryan has knitted from his experience a cynical philosophy, which he as a skilled salesman in well-paid seminars in the mobile business brings people: Look at an imaginary backpack, he demonstrates the futility of possessions and emotional attachments, all only a hindrance for the limitless flexibility and mobility of modern working life. Truly – Ryan has established himself well in his life. With the maximum utility-oriented philosophy in the light regarded primarily serves to fix the lousy business with the layoffs of hundreds, even thousands of people make tolerable.

, But it makes him that a young newcomer and just as career-life difficult for his company: Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), the exemption will revolutionize business through video conferencing and so on Vielfliegerei and related costs, a minimum cut – Ryan threatens office. Given these unflattering views precisely he suddenly discovers the dignity and burden of his delicate and sensitive business and tries to competitor on a joint tour of the benefits of the personal exemption conversation to convince. During the journey he has to realize that the young woman is much more sensitive than you suspect this could occur ambitious. And finally, he encounters one of his trips on the attractive Alex (Vera Farmiga), begins an affair with Ryan on your time, which gradually turned into something serious – it threatens an emotional crash landing. For, quite obviously the tough consultant has emotional needs that he can no longer hide behind the painfully constructed construct his cool attitude and buried.

As much as Jason Reitman, written and directed grand and richly profound tragicomedy insidious in some places also Fruttero & Luccentinis magnificent Roman The lover of no fixed abode and then again in films such as The Travels of Mr . Leary recalls with William Hurt in the title role – with its mix of fine dose of social criticism, more accurate description of the present economic crisis all too real and subtle humor is the director for films like Thank You for Smoking and Juno definitely a great success. Cleverly, the film knits together various levels, it works both as a love story as well as an unerring parody of the modern business life, is always light and elegant, yet offers enough points of contact, to have fun on the one hand and on the other superbly touched on a story , which reveals much about our modern and harried, too-efficient life.

May come along so lightly the story too: Jason Reitman has added quite a lot of little venom in the flow of the narrative, which ground the story with the frequent flyer no fixed address in insidious ways and revealing way with the reality The troubled American couple our day: It starts already in the stunning title sequence, from the folk anthem “This Land Is Your Land” is underscored by Woody Guthrie, runs through the dismissal of talks for Reitman casted people who actually under the economic crisis had been laid off, up until the end credits, which again makes a song for the harsh contrast of Ryan’s illusory and oppressive reality in times of crisis.

In the end, Ryan is indeed his vagabond life can resume. But the difference from the beginning that he now knows about how miserable, and cynical bindungsunfähig his life yet. With this knowledge, go into the imaginary backpack as luggage on the road again – this is really no fun, but already is almost a curse and an exile, like that in nothing inferior to that of Sisyphus.

If Frank Capra make films nowadays – they would probably look something like Up In The Air A greater compliment you can actually an equally humorous as serious and challenging film like this almost make.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Up in the Air Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 108 (Min) Distribution : Paramount Pictures Germany

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