Genre: Music Film, compilation film
               Love, New York, Marseilles, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Belgrade

Chasing Shadows in the Dark

  Films about love abound, music, movies, too. Music films about love are there more rarely, if one can ignore the numerous musicals, in which lovers are the focus. Universalove is both a music and a love film. For the six episodes from various countries is based on a specially composed for the film soundtrack of the Austrian band Naked Lunch .

Is in love with Julie Rashid, who has fallen into trouble with its opaque transactions. On her motorbike rides through Marseilles, they think only of him and the disturbing man who threatened her lover. Love is also the Japanese Satoshi computer technician, his adored but only admired from afar. At home, he secretly admires captured photos of his mistress, which he has hung on all walls. “Why is not she here?” Asks his young son, and that there is no answer. Love is complicated, and overwhelmed all the protagonists in the film by Thomas Woschitz.

In Marseille and Tokyo, as its characters are overwhelmed by it everywhere. In Luxembourg, and Ben Luc meet regularly in the pool, where they perform a wordless dance underwater and kissing passionately – oddly enough, without ever swallowing water. It is the cowardice of one of the men to wreck their love. His wife and his child will learn nothing from the relationship. How the affair began and where it will lead the two are not told the audience implied in this compilation of stories.

The director says no connection, presents his characters in any context. They have no history and no context. Who these people are loving and in what relation they stand to each other, it is clear from the pictures alone – or not.

In New York is the taxi driver Sean convinced that his wife is cheating on him. This feeling, he can not be justified, and it will never prove whether it is justified. But that does not matter. Passion and jealousy, longing and uncertainty are Woschitz universal elements of love – whether in New York or Rio, where the young Mary is served by the main characters of her beloved telenovela and suddenly looks blurred reality and fantasy. Almost seems to intimate the relationship between these two unknowns, that the woman from the suburbs and the koksenden, dauergestressten actor than between pairs of Milja as Beogradjanka and her longtime friend, Dusan, an unreliable musician.

Sometimes extended conversations between the characters reveal tiny details about it, but more often they are single, vague impressions, and immediately fall serene plot threads, the film shows. In long passages the figures vary according to their ideas or simply do nothing. Then it’s just the music that carries the action. Again and again, swelling choruses, electronically amplified sounds, and almost pathetic texts about closeness and distance convey what the pictures show on the optical level: The background of these six love stories are not important. Who is Who exactly why love is far too banal question. The emotions and uncertainties that are associated with love in all its guises, are probably more clearly on such an abstract way than the bond with a fictional story accurately prepared.

More important than the individual characters and their individual characteristics is the music of the band was founded in 1990 Naked Lunch . It emphasizes the dreamlike and melancholic atmosphere of the film. On it slides along and says the audience from the air that always accompany the same activity disoriented people. Helplessness and loved always hoped to be, that pushes the music out as strongly as the film. “Come closer where you are,” sings Oliver Welter, while removing the protagonists apart. Wistful and melancholic, he proclaimed: “not When the city goes to sleep go tell the stars to fall from the sky “.

That really takes the music of Naked Lunch is the most important position in Universalove, has the Jury of Saarbrücken Film Festival 2009 recognized that the film the Max Ophüls Prize for best director awarded. “A breathless, vibrant odyssey to the music of Naked Lunch, which is not a food flavor soundtrack, but plays a major role.,” It said in its statement of reasons.

“Chasing shadows in the dark”, this line of text of Naked Lunch strikes at the heart of this quiet love stories. Although the characters are all seeking in vain, but her melancholy, has a touching, quiet beauty.

(Claire Horst)

Title: Universalove Country of production: Austria, Luxembourg, Serbia Year of production: 2009 Length: 83 (Min) Rental: New Visions

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