Genre: Drama
  The Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal with this film provoked a forceful scenario, which deals with the tempting option of leaving a familiar, grown life and jump into a completely new one. Unconditionally, who is also known under the international title “Just Another Love Story, but is not mainly sentimental love story, it rages and roars with high voltage and rough Stoner humor, accompanied by melancholic elements in the tradition of film noir.

Is an ordinary, apparently well-functioning life as a husband and father that leads the police photographer Jonas (Anders W. Berthelsen) with his wife Mette (Charlotte Fich). But one day for granted suddenly become his very violently shaken, as happened a terrible accident in which the striking Julia (Rebecka Hemse) is seriously injured. Jonas feels partly responsible for this disaster and visited Julia in the hospital, which still lies in a coma and will wake up later blinded. Kept from their parents for the new boyfriend of the daughter is Jonas – they pulled him half and half, he sank down – more and more involved in the lives of the young stranger, because with increasing favor. Julia’s recovery makes satisfactory progress, and Jonas, however, learns of his colleague Frank (Dejan Cukic), that their real friend Sebastian (Nikolaj Lie Kaas has died). Meanwhile, Jonas’ wife, Mette wrestles with despair when she learns of the machinations of her husband, but this has already made the decision to live a new and better future existence as a Sebastian. But Julia’s mysterious friend with whom she was taking a grim alliance, really dead?

Unconditional is a thriller that grabs the audience mercilessly, even though seamlessly within reach of the rapid, intricate drama, not all aspects together . This is on a philosophical level, at the equally dreaded as sometimes desired region of mediocrity, whose departure has a price to escalate its dimensions at times prohibitive. Jonas is a man who is ready to collapse abruptly all bridges to his previous life in order to escape a perceived meaningless fate and follows the sweet promise of a borrowed happiness. But if there is hidden behind the turns in the history of a certain morality, it appears that, with their delicate distinctions only in the surprising finale, the auftrumpft Ole Bornedal.

Listed on some film festivals, nominated and awarded as well as the most successful film of 2007 in Denmark is presented as Unconditional unorthodox genre mix a piece that the director and screenwriter Ole Bornedal himself as a “creepy love story” means — and as the best film he’s ever done. As a euphoric state of being in love, he describes working with his crew and the cast, of which the fact that most of the debate returned to their partners. Fortunately, this can probably only notice a tiny question mark as a concession to the desire for a completely different life, in spite of all the risks and consequences Unconditional but radiates a powerful attraction.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Unconditional Original Title: Karlighed AR film Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2007 Length: 104 (min) of material: MFA + Film Distribution

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