Troubled Water

Troubled Water

Troubled Water

               Genre: Drama
               Punishment, murder, church organist, pastor

The Challenge of Madness

  Many awards from Michael Moore as the “best movie I have seen in years” honored at film festivals and received enthusiastically by film critics, this Norwegian drama actually unusually impressive and disturbing. With a fantastic actor, excellent drama and difficulty of answering the question of guilt and atonement, especially plays a big part of organ music and the transporter is of great emotion.

Eight years ago, that Jan (Pål Sverre sentenced Valheim Hagen) for the supposed guilt for the death of a young boy to a prison sentence was. Now he gets free from prison and starts under his middle name Thomas a new life. It also includes a position as a church organist in Oslo, and he enjoys his new freedom, even if he lives and has almost completely withdrawn outside world. Only the minister Anna (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) brewing a tender friendship, even to love. Although this will be dimmed soon after sees Agnes (Trine Dyrholm), the mother of the boys who were killed at that time, Thomas also known as Jan in the church. For them, old wounds are ripped open to get their nightmares fresh food and unanswered questions are pressing for her again. It shall, according to Thomas, especially when he’s out with the son of Anna, who has striking resemblance to her own child. While Thomas tried everything to hide his past, Agnes puts everything to prevent him returning to a so-called normal life. In their desperation they even kidnapped the son of Annas, and now it’s Thomas who comes into the role of the victim. It is a race between life and death …

The world can be perceived not only through glasses a black and white, which shows Erik Poppe impressively in Troubled Water “, his last part of the Oslo Trilogy. Jan Thomas, who is responsible in the past due to a devastating failure for the death of a young boy, has settled his debt from several years in prison. But in his heart this trauma is still there and not reclaimed. This shows again and again in his wild and impetuous organ, which he uses to command the demons of the past to stop it. The refusal of an intellectual work-up would therefore take an archaic equivalent, which not only impressed the audience, but also the two female protagonists. The pastor’s wife, Anna observes a churchgoer, breaks out in Thomas’ organ playing in tears. What they – and viewers – at that time not yet know that they are in church-goer to Agnes, her emotional outburst is thus completely different nature. Erik Poppe sent repeatedly linked past and present in the film, presents the various levels of slip into each other and thus describes the different and very contrasting views of the protagonists, which is conveyed to the audience, a complex picture, so the question of guilt and atonement is not beyond doubt can be.

During Valheim Pål Sverre Hagen in the war drama Max Manus still played a supporting role, he is now seen in Troubled Water, in its biggest ever role. And for which he is particularly suited, because of its sparse facial expressions and the sensitive outer appearance he makes the viewer almost impossible to condemn him for his past deeds. The moral dilemma in which he lies, he tries to master by repression, excessive even more by playing the organ. Rock songs that, even against the backdrop of a church to be a grand adventure, is not only because of the large-scale music, but especially at the spectacle Valheim Hagens, who devotes himself almost like playing on drugs, and transmits this noise on the viewer. For his performance Pål Sverre Hagen Valheim with the canon Award was awarded the Norwegian equivalent of the Oscar.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Troubled Water Original Title: De usynlige Country of production: Norway Year of production: 2008 Length: 121 (min) of material: Kool Film Distribution

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