Trip – Remix Your Experience

Trip - Remix Your Experience

Trip – Remix Your Experience

  At first glance read the description to Trip – Remix Your Eperience more like an announcement of a mega-event as an added extraordinary film. There is talk of an “audiovisual work of art”, is contributed to the total of 33 different filmmakers. 33 filmmakers realize a film that itself has run only 74 minutes? How do we pay? It’s simple: Trip – Remix Your Experience consists of four films, which can be viewed simultaneously using a split-screen process on the screen. Surrounded, the four feature films named seamusic, track 2, playing planet and artwork by eight other minor films, which are visible at the edges of the screen to show both these scenes from the creation of the project as well as live performances and abstract video collages. Clear that far with so much visual fodder for the attention span of the individual films is below the threshold, which are approved for people with attention deficits as critical. But frankly a disturbance in this case barely, because you do not want viewers inclined to think or perceive, but in a trance-like state, which, however, is urgently needed to sustain this film at all.

Frank Otto and Bernt Köhler-Adams’ Project Trip – Remix Your Experience promises, according to new worlds of experience and consciousness-expanding book knowledge, but the bar is much too high hung painfully amateurish and is sometimes torn, or undermined. When sound and picture carpet, which shall, during an event as Hintergrundgeplätscher for a pleasant atmosphere, like Trip – Remix Your Experience indeed go through yet, when focused inspection in a dark movie theater, however, make broad fatigue quickly, with less intensive trance experiences, but rather do have irritated boredom. The specially composed music for the film is properly after a short time on the already overworked and overwrought nerves and may be selected from so arbitrary that they are certainly as we say imagine Cypriot contribution to the Grand Prix d’Eurovision de la Chanson – which should be must be no criticism of Cyprus. In addition, the musical background is limited to only one track running in a permanent replay. It certainly has its reason, if the rich and pompous-sounding statements made by the filmmakers to be believed: “’74 minutes, and only a bit – that’s the most pure madness, that’s impossible!” But, dear friends and fans ohrenöffnender, daring and rapture sound excursions, it works! And if one also considers before the eyes (and ears) that can in today’s musical drought, about 80 percent of all pop and rock CDs come up with only a maximum of four to five successful tracks, but the rest consists mostly of a banal filler to do just to satisfy the given disc format, then one must “call TRIP” without false modesty as a one-track gem. “No doubt beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in the eardrum of the listener, but I dare to speculate that feeling among many of the Thirty Years’ the One-Track Wonder by Trip – Remix Your Experience as a musical variation on the Chinese water torture. Dribbling

A giant video clip, according to the principle “A lot helps a lot” of sugar water on odd lot of visual music and extols the whole thing as great art, may well find its prospects, the whole thing makes my taste but not all.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Trip – Remix Your Experience Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 74 (Min) Rental: 3Rosen / Ferry House / 24 Images

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