Genre: Thriller, Horror
               Sturm, yacht, cruise ship, Sisyphus
  A truly great film director Christopher Smith (Severance) delivered with Triangle. Is the first thought or that it is a typical ghost ship movie in the style of gutklassigen Ghost Ship, the story tilts after a good quarter hour. And it turns again and again! And again! And that is what stands out in the publication Flood Triangle: The Twists are beautiful, do not allow for boredom. Rather, there are more than a moment in which makes the viewer to watch the film a second time. And quite honestly, a second look is worth Triangle. So much happened, what is overlooked in the first place standing, can not or falsely suggests.

In order not to ruin the whole range of eye-opening moments, it is important to reveal as little as possible from the story. Why the reviewer is limited to recapitulate the initial situation. Jess (Melissa George Amityville Horror), young mother of a son Authist, can be a sailing trip with her secret admirer Greg (Michael Dorman, Daybreakers) and persuade a few of his friends. What is initially relaxed tilts, literally with a gathering storm – and the ship. For the short drive to the inverted in the ocean. When on the horizon appears a powerful passenger ship, it seems assumed good. But only now begins the real nightmare, that seems to find himself on board an uncanny power that has been waiting for her shipwrecked victims. For, as it turns out, is the giant ocean for over 100 years on the road …

Director and author Smith likes the genre cinema and prefers the tougher stance. Nice for the spectators. streaky his debut Creep (Franka Potente of War) a hard slasher, who incites his heroine through dark underground shafts, he tended toward fun with Severance splatter and body parts was garnished with a hearty sense of humor fly through the air. Triangle is now less bloody Genrekost, which is not so much horror, because psychological thriller. To the original story are joined by a beautiful camera work, a dense production and top-class actor performances. That some of the FX shots (storm, no blue screen) are state of the art was given. What Smith gets out of the tight budget, big screen. compare

Should the reviewer Triangle, he would describe the film as a mixture, and Groundhog Day, Donnie Darko and Spukhausfilm. With a good dose of The Shining, which is not cited only once. And it is just the tip of the iceberg would have called. You notice that the team has fallen with heart and soul into the work. Also in the Making of interesting report to the director and his producer, who had ambitions, and how the idea originated. The film in the cinema, ‘subject also “ran is difficult to understand. At last comes out again, an intelligent genre film, looks at him, hardly anyone. It is hoped that Triangle on DVD or Blu-ray is more friends. If he earns it has in any case. And it would be nice if this review helps.

(Renatus Töpke)

Title: Triangle Country of production: United Kingdom, Australia Year of Production: 2009 Length: 99 (Min.) (# Released) at : Ascot Elite Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, English EAN: 7613059801110 Extras: Making Of, Interviews, At the rotary, trailers

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