Trailer – Will Not Stop There

Trailer - Will Not Stop There

Will Not Stop There

> Will Not Stop There – Trailer (original version)
    Martin is a Croatian war veteran, whose life is completely changed when he discovered by accident in a bizarre pornographic film entitled “Little Red Riding Hood,” the lead actress Desa and falls in love with her. Martin goes on a search for the woman of his dreams and ends up in Belgrade with the porn producers Cane.

Vinko Brešan, born 1964 in Zagreb, the son of the dramatist Ivo Brešan, just succeeded with his first feature film “Kako per poceo rat na mom otoku “(1996) The breakthrough, he won a prize at the Pula Film Festival and won the top prize at the Festival of East European Cinema in Cottbus. In addition, the film passed in Croatia at the box office even “Independence Day” and was shown at 32 festivals worldwide. The two follow-up films, “Marsal” (2000) and “Svjedoci” (2003) scored both nationally and internationally for some attention.

Title: Will Not Stop There Original Title: Nije kraj Country of production: Serbia, Croatia Year of production: 2008 Length: 100 (Min)

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