Trailer – The lucky ones

Trailer - The lucky ones

The lucky ones

               Genre: Drama
               Relationship, writer, jealousy, Celebration The lucky ones – Trailer
    The 40-year-old author Hans Schiller has suddenly and unexpectedly successful. He wants to celebrate with Helen and Tom together his best friends from the old period of study. The three were always connected as a freedom-loving bohemians and completely unsuccessful, but at the same time they are received by Hans with Porsche, suit and very young friend in his new country house. An elegant party, it should be, and they all have their partners here: the eccentric Helene comes with a car polisher with home ownership in Uelzen, and wannabe actor Tom Charlotte, an art collector, bored by life at his side. Hans is standing between all the latest conquest: Angela, a very young hairdresser from the suburbs.

The tragicomedy the result of a three-day improvisation of six actors who were previously in Jan Georg Schütte’s film “Swingers Club” in front of the camera is . A team of six camera crews recorded the events on and so emerged from 80 hours of material, a 90-minute film.

Title: The lucky ones Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 92 (Min)

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