Trailer – The Code

Trailer - The Code

The Code

               Genre: Thriller, Crime
               New York, jewels, thieves, art theft The Code – Trailer
    Among the art thieves Keith Ripley is considered the Picasso of his profession: Nobody can hand him the water when it comes to orchestrating absolutely spectacular theft of priceless treasures. But for his most ambitious foray he needs help. In order to steal two valuable Fabergé eggs, and thus pay off his debts to a Russian gangster, you need a partner, he won. Gabriel Martin from Miami is just the right person for the job: young, hungry, reckless – and once completely uninterested in the offer.

Title: The Code Original Title: Thick as Thieves Country of production: Germany, USA Year of production: 2008 Length: ( #) 100 (min) of material: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment ISBN: 4260041334182

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