Trailer – Surrogates – My second, I

Trailer - Surrogates - My second, I

Surrogates – My second, I

Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Policeman, Robots, Murder Surrogates – My second self – Trailer (German) The Surrogates – Trailer ( English)
In the future people will no longer leave their homes. They interact through so-called surrogates, robots that take care of them every external contact. Surrogates and be killed, when suddenly, especially the owners, the first murder on Earth for years, the cop is forced to leave Greer for the first time the safety of his habitation.

Title: Surrogates – My second, I Original Title: The Surrogates Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: ( #) 88 (Min) of material: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany

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