Trailer – Street Dance 3D

Trailer - Street Dance 3D

Street Dance 3D

               Genre: Drama
               Dance, hip hop, dance competition, ballet, street dance, break dance street dance 3D – Trailer (English)
    Hiphop, breakdance, street dance – dancing is Carlys life. With their crew, they brought it to the UK Street Dance Championships. But to win here, they need a place for training and preparation. One thing is clear: without hard work they do not get to your destination. As provide them with the dance teacher at the prestigious Royal Dance School, to be allowed to train in the rooms of the dance academy, they pass on their unusual condition: The Street-Dancer, the unloved Ballet students must include in their training.

Title: 3D Street Dance Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2010 of material: Universum Film

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