Trailer – Road Movie

Trailer - Road Movie

Road Movie

               Genre: Comedy, Romance, Adventure
               India, travel, movies, trucks, desert, Berlinale 2010 Road Movie – Trailer (OV)
    Vishnu works in Haarölgeschäft his father and can not wait to get out of the stagnant shop. His ticket to freedom, he acknowledges in an old truck, for which he is placing himself as the driver offers to cross through the desert to the sea, where a museum has bought the old Chevy. But in the shabby carriages hides a mobile cinema!

The way he picks on a young runaway, the stray old entertainer Om and a gorgeous woman, and together they roam in search of water and a venue through the hinterland. The key to survival lies in its eccentric film collection and the two old projectors in their truck – if they show good movies, they can break through to them in low risk of death in the desert.

Title: Road Movie Country of production: U.S., India Year of production: 2009 Length: 95 (Min) Rental: Senator Film Distribution

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