Trailer – Repo Men

Trailer - Repo Men

Repo Men

               Genre: literature, Action, Science Fiction
               Myocardial infarction, collectors, artificial organs Repo Men – Trailer (English)
    In the world of futuristic action thriller “Repo Men” have let countless people with highly developed artificial organs to prolong their lives. The downside of this medical revolution that is driven by the so-called union, is found in the fine print. Who the rates for the vital high-tech institutions can not pay, gets a visit from the perfectly trained-collectors, bring back the direct route that goes with the Union. And without any regard for consequences, because hardly anyone survived the Rückhol operations of the “Repo Men “.

Remy is one of the ablest of these specialists, but after a heart attack, he wakes up like a new person with the top product of his employer in his chest and with a huge debt. When he can no longer afford the installments, the Union sent him behind his former partner to help him break his heart again in the chest.

Title: Repo Men Country of production: Canada, USA Year of production: 2010 Length: 111 (Min) Distribution : , Universal Pictures International

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