Trailer – Nothing Personal

Trailer - Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal

               Genre: Drama
               Love relationships, solitude, hermit britspotting2009 Nothing Personal – Trailer (German) Nothing Personal – Trailer (english )
    The debut of Urzula Antoniak tells of a young Dutchwoman that makes her life behind her. Only with a backpack and a few basic items such as tents and sleeping bags, they will move to Ireland and then wanders in solitude in the wilderness. One morning it is brought up by the slightly older, well-educated loner Martin, who offered her food, if they help him in the garden. Anne agrees, but when it comes to battle over dinner, they will cut off again. Finally, they make a trade: food for work, no personal contact, no questions. How come the two slowly into a rut, and arrange with each other.

Title: Nothing Personal Country of production: Ireland, Netherlands Year of production: 2009 Length: 85 (Min) Distribution : MFA + Film Distribution

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