Trailer – Naughty girl 2

Trailer - Naughty girl 2

Cheeky Girls 2

               Genre: Comedy
               Love, school, sequel, teen, Celebration Cheeky Girls 2 – Teaser
    There were the “naughty girl” or just head over heels in love and suddenly feeling all mixed up. Mila has a fight with Mark, and while it is with Hanna and Kati on choir trip to the Bavarian mountains, Vanessa archenemy spend the holidays with Mark at the equestrian center. Mila seething with jealousy. Hanna and Kati meanwhile, have quite different problems: Branko wants to pursue music career and Hannah gets caught with her powerful together. Kati and again did not even know where you stand head: Tobi Gets on the love scale, nor the maximum or the attractive, especially the elderly, Robert not much cooler?

Title: Cheeky Girls 2 Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 of material: Constantin Film Distribution

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