Trailer – Le syndrome de Jerusalem

Trailer - Le syndrome de Jerusalem

Le syndrome de Jerusalem

               Genre: Comedy
               Tour group, psychosis, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Syndrome, Prophet Le syndrome de Jerusalem – Trailer (original version)
    As “Jerusalem syndrome” refers to a particular form of transient psychotic disorder, suffer from each year of around 100 inhabitants and visitors of the Israeli capital and in consequence of which they keep for many figures from the Bible. Even a man in a randomly thrown together, very heterogeneous group of tourists who travel through Israel, is afflicted by the disease, he thinks he is the prophet Jonah. In the other passengers just do not work normally.

The directors, Emmanuel Naccache Bélaïsch and Stéphane both have dual citizenship in France and Israel. Emmanuel Naccache worked for six years in Israel as a strategy consultant for a company before he decided in 2002 to devote themselves to the film. Stéphane Bélaïsch work after graduation as a recruiter for Saatchi & Saatchi, before he realized 2001, its first short film “Le truc”. He has also written several plays.

Title: Le syndrome de Jerusalem Original Title: le Mahshava Homer Country of production: France, Israel Year of production: 2008 Length : 93 (Min)

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