Trailer – L’arbre et la forêt

Trailer - Larbre et la forêt

L’arbre et la forêt

               Genre: Drama
               Family secret, homosexuality, World War II, concentration camps, past, Berlinale 2010 L’arbre et la forêt – Trailer (original version)
    The aged Frédérick pay for more than 60 years, a secret around with him, know that there is only his wife and son. Died when his son, Frederick revealed to other people in his entourage. As a young man he was deported because of his homosexual inclination of the Nazis in a concentration camp was. After the Second World War, he then married, whether to complete the final Horor and horror of the mass camp.

Title: L’arbre et la forêt Country of production: France Year of production: 2010 Length: 105 (Min) (# )

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