Trailer – I, Tomek

Trailer - I, Tomek

I, Tomek

               Genre: Drama
               Prostitution, pimps, limit sex tourism I, Tomek – Trailer (OV)
    Tomek living at the German-Polish border. He loves the stars. What’s missing is a telescope, a lot more money for it. When he met Tomek, Marta, as old as he and a lot clearer, the stars are unimportant. It is important to dress well, to be hip. The disco “La Strada” to the pimp gets Tomek Borys and in a vicious circle of prostitution and violence from which there will soon be no escape for him. He prostituted herself, itself becomes a pimp and does not hesitate to send his best friend to Ciemny to Acquire.

Title: I, Tomek Original Title: Swinki Country of production: , Germany, Poland Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 94 (Min) of material: Salzgeber

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