Trailer – El vuelco del cangrejo

Trailer - El vuelco del cangrejo

El vuelco del cangrejo

               Genre: Drama
               Village, hotel, beach, forced displacement, Berlinale 2010 El vuelco del cangrejo – Trailer (original version)
    In the village of La Barra walking one day a white man: Daniel. The industry’s only White Paisa tried for weeks to drive the black inhabitants of the village, as he torments her with music from numerous speakers, does he want Paisa build cottages, a holiday resort. Even if the residents have lived since time immemorial on the spot on earth, has Paisa is the rightful Eingetümer, because he has the papers that they do not have.

Title: El vuelco del cangrejo Original Title: Crab Trap Country of production: France, Colombia Year of production: 2009 Length: 95 (Min)

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