Trailer – Eat Pray Love

Trailer - Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

               Genre: Drama
               India, food, travel, divorce, self-discovery, Italy, meditation, Bali, Eat, Pray, Love – Trailer (English)
    Liz Gilbert had everything that a woman could dream – a man, a house, a successful career. Nevertheless, she felt sichverloren and aimless. When her marriage failed, Liz is at a crossroads: She decides to risk everything and leave her old life behind, she breaks through to a trip around the world. In Italy, they discovered the art of enjoyment and the great pleasure can cause one good meal. In India, she gets to know the power of meditation and in Bali, she learns, finally, that true love bestowed inner peace and serenity.

Title: Eat Pray Love Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 of material: Sony Pictures Releasing

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