Trailer – Cash

Trailer - Cash


               Genre: Thriller
               Gangster, debt, money, children, robbery, cash suitcase – Trailer (English)
    It is is six correct numbers in the lottery. Over 600,000 dollars in cash in the suitcase, which just came from a highway bridge flown. Sam and Leslie could hardly believe her luck. A gift of heaven, where their debt to my neck stand straight up. But a few days later, however, appears Pyke. Quietly but firmly, he makes it clear that the suitcase full of money belongs to him. And he will be happy to assist them to raise over the next five days, the $ 74,316.47 that they have been issued.

Title: Cash Original Title: Ca $ h Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (min) of material: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment ISBN: 7613059801080

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