Trailer – Black Forest

Trailer - Black Forest

Black Forest

               Genre: Thriller
               Serial killers, Forest, Farm, Black Forest, Television Black Forest – Trailer
    The couple Mike and Susanne and Jürgen and Eva are on vacation in a remote Black Forest House. Just for fun, the technically gifted Jürgen fiddles with an old and broken TV, but is rewarded only with a harmless flicker. But that should change. Suddenly, the TV shows images. There are images that take a catastrophic impact on the loose life of four friends. A cooking show on mushrooms at a mushroom dish Sabine animated. But the fungi that it collects by recommendation of the television in the forest are deadly poisonous. Before the collective Exitus the group at the last minute from the lovely wanderer is saved. But when the apparatus is in a police broadcast the good hikers as “Farm Killer” presents, turns the mood. Together with a serial killer under one roof?

Title: Black Forest Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 of material: movie star

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