Trailer – BANANAS! *

Trailer - BANANAS! *


               Genre: Documentary
               Group, lawyer, court, plantation, Berlinale 2010, Nicaragua, bananas, pesticide, damages BANANAS! * – Trailer (OV)
    The Germans are world champions in the consumption of bananas and the market leader in this segment is the US-based Dole, which operates in Central America many orchards. These pesticides are also used. 1977 was banned in the U.S., for example Nemagon, because it is shown to cause cancer. On his plantation in Nicaragua Dole used the drug until the 1980s, however, continue. In his documentary follows director Frederik Gertten the lawyer Juan Dominguez, who tried for 12 plantation workers who were exposed to the pesticide, to enstrifing pain. But overall there are more than 10,000 people alone in Nicaragua, who claim to have suffered health damage.

Title: BANANAS !* Country of production: Sweden Year of production: 2009 Length: 87 (Min)

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