Trailer – Ay lav yu

Trailer - Ay lav yu

Ay lav yu

               Genre: Comedy
               Village, love, Kurds, American, identity Ay lav yu – Trailer (original version)
    For over 100 years the inhabitants of the village Tinne, which means in Kurdish as much as trying to “get non-existent”, officially recognized their little town. Because the horse is walking in the matter, that people who live in a non-existent village, the authorities also non-existent, which can understandably be at a disadvantage. Now rest the hopes of all the inhabitants of Ibrahimm, who after his military service, blessed with a passport to return. But not only Ibrahim comes into godforsaken Tinne, but also his great love – an American!

Title: Ay lav yu Country of production: Turkey Year of production: 2010 Length: 102 (Min) of material: Maxximum Film and Art

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